Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 24, 2009

its hot, the flies are taking over again...i need to get more of those $20 things that attract them, stick them and make them die a slow death (i think a normal fly's lifespan is only a few hours anyway so i guess it is not so horrible to wait it out stuck to an orange fly stick...altho from the fly's point of view, it might be...but tonight since they are tormenting the dogs and the barn guys, i really don't care.)

did you ever notice that flies don't bug cats? why is that?

watson hates frodo...oh yay a cat hating dog at saints. anyway...i don't trust him even locked in the pen with frodo loose in the shop so frodo has once again gotten booted out of his building because of some new and stupid saint. first he lost the mp room to dusty, then the office to lucky, then the rabbit and medical room to marty...every time we reno a new space and tell frodo he can have it...some misfit that some owner didn't take care of, boots him out yet again.

i am buying that cat his own motor home or trailer and parking it in the driveway...and no one will ever get their filthy, thieving paws on his home ever again!

tonight he is camping out in the empty kitten pen..i gave him a whole bag of temptations so he is cool with this.

maude is digging holes again and laying outside in the dirt...maude's brain maybe turning to mush but the husky in her will not be forgotten in this gawd awful muggy heat.

if all dogs go to heaven...can they leave any time soon? cuz i am dogge gone done with dogs (and their irresponsible people) tonight.