Rescue Journal

NASTY storm tonight

Carol  ·  Jul. 25, 2009

laura came to stay with the freaked out morons while i put the barn guys to bed.

watson got his butt into the house (or at least the entranceway) cuz he jumped out of the shop pen and was on a destruction trip. now the storm is over..he has just noticed that we have cats (he can see them thru the wire door) and now he is barking and causing a fuss cuz all cats apparently piss him off.

i ALMOST got killed was monsooning when i was trying to put the barn guys to bed. i was in the middle stall in the riding ring barn, setting out hay when joy and percy came flying in together in high cow speed...that is a little stall, not enough room for them and me...i hit the wall and then got the hell out before they totally squished me.

now the storm is over...i am glad that it rained alot..the grass needed that raging flood and so did the well and the pond.

so should i let watson stay in the house or should i toss him back out to the shop?...decisions, decisions, decisions...i will have a bath while i think...but he will have to quit barking at the cats thru the door if i do let him stay....cuz i ain't listening to that crap all night long.

gotta love a spray bottle..."knock it off now...good dog...hey, don't start again...good boy...I LIKE my cats so BE QUIET.. thank you".....sheesh, promises to be a long corrective nigh but he will hopefully learn alot of english.



I find the spray bottles from the garden centre work the best as they have a much stronger stream and can reach across my whole apartment! The cats don't even see it coming! (Jenny Two will second that!)


BENEFITS OF LIVING WITH A DEAF DOG: They no longer bark at the letter carrier, they no longer freak out at Hallowe'en and they no longer hate thunder. From now on only deaf dogs for me.