Rescue Journal

renee and i picked up max from the surrey shelter

Carol  ·  Jul. 27, 2009

we missed the 152nd turn off and ended up going over the port mann bridge...that highly sucked cuz we were dying in the heat but we eventually made it safely back to get max.

NICE DOG...we have been home for less than 30 minutes..he is already free in the kitchen and little dog/ cat room...he is kind of scared of little daphne 2 the mini but noisy daxi and he is definately scared of the fat little chi-sized suzie land shark (he got too close to her when she was stuffing her gut at the food bowl)

he is a 14 yr old red cattledog with a really great face who loves to play ball...i get to type a couple of words and he puts a wet and slimey ball in my lap for me to toss again for him.....getting this written is taking some time!

it is too freaking hot up here..i sent steve out to get a bigger air conditioner for the dog/cat room and then he moved the smaller but still new one out to the bunny room to replace the sluggard out there. he also got us two more industrial fans for the mp room and set up a fan for tunie in the barn to keep the air moving around and not so stagnant in there.

we get home with max and the portable air conditioner in the big dog room has turned off cuz the water thing was full...the new one was off cuz i don't know why but it turned on again when i pushed the button so hopefully it will cool off in here soon.

i figure if i don't do well with the heat than neither will my furbearing old buddies...did you know that elderly people and animals stroke more often in the summer months because they just cannot tolerate the heat as well as they used to?

keep em healthy and is a very good rule for elders of all species.

(oh and i just want to say that the staff at surrey were all really helpful and friendly and grateful that max found a good place to land...nice folks)

6;18 update..could someone please get up here to play ball with max???? he is happily relentless...and i am getting tired!



Ha ha good for Max...welcome to the wonderful world of Ball with a border collie ourselves now I totally understand times it can get to be a bit of a headache but for the most part it is great.