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Curtis and Screech

Sheila  ·  Jul. 29, 2009

I thought I would sneek pictures of our two fosters while you are looking at the SAINTS animals because - well they need a home!

First is Curtis

Curtis (aka Curty)

And then there is Screech


Curtis is just over 2 years old and Screech is just under 1 year old. Hopefully Screech's picture will eventually shrink because it is huge right now. Curtis is a medium size dog that is 47 lbs. He is incredibly energitic and has had an operation on one leg because of a luxtating patella and his second leg is a grade 1 to 2 level and may or may not need surgery in the future. I am sure this is the reason he hasn't found a home because he is the right the size, right colour, right temperament with people and dogs but he has a potential surgery looming in the future. our second dog, in over 40 foster dogs who has come back and he came back TWICE. He is a loonburger on the leash and has high prey drive even though there is a cat that lives upstairs. So he must go to an experienced dog owner with absolutely no cats in the house. And Screech's head is bigger than that in real life and even though he is a bit shorter than Curtis he is the same weight (okay he is 3 lbs heavier).


Carrie Rule

I have just printed this blog for a dinner I'm attending tonight, as they are looking for a dog.
This is a GREAT way to promote adoptions.
Good on you!

I guess Reggie hasn't found a foster home yet? He will!
Hang in there with the heat.
I hope the animals are keeping cool.It is so difficult for them in this heat.

Carrie Rule