Rescue Journal

so...since we are speaking of the medically challenged...

Carol  ·  Jul. 31, 2009

watson's hips are toast..oh yay he will one day soon be a crippled, blind, deaf dog...i give him 3-5 years before he becomes the quintessential saint (except he will still be too young for us).... anyway..he has not recovered all that quickly from his anaesthetic...soo...

NOTE TO SATURDAY"S VOLUNTEERS...i won't really be around in the morning.

i will be leaving here at 0800 to pick him up from maple ridge, drop him off at home and then grabbing max to take him back in to maple ridge for his 11am appointment.

(max and watson have not met so i am not putting them both in the same car at the same time)

maybe that is more of a logistic than medical challenge..our real medical challenge for today was....

rushing lucky first thing this morning into the vet for emergency surgery. she has a gut FULL of rocks. i found her laying and gagging on the mp floor this morning and it hit me like a ton of rocks (excuse the pun)...that BRAIN-LESS, POOP EATING, IDIOT DOG has been eating and swallowing pea gravel along with the poop.

the xrays confirmed it..lucky, the homeless, blind, autoimmune disease ridden, poop eating, UNLUCKY dog has a pile of pea sized rocks in her belly. she was heading into surgery late this afternoon.

rescue is so not fun...note to us for sometime this weekend...scrape all of the pea gravel out of her yard.

anyway..i forgot i was going to change her name to "ducky" so i am just going to change it to "unlucky" instead.