Rescue Journal

and for a non bitter post...

Carol  ·  Aug. 2, 2009

i will write you the story of a real non ego rescue.

caitlin was at the gas station the other day and she passed by a cardboard box in the blinding heat. she heard peeping inside and opened the box to find 2 live and 1 dead ducklings. she took them home to vancouver and put them into her bath tub to keep safe and then she started looking around for a very duckling friendly place.

she drove them out from vancouver tonight..they are set up in a cage in the kitten pen we no longer use. and when they are big enough they will join edwina and floyd and the rest of our feathered crew. i gave her the quicky tour and she got to meet all of the pain in the ass saints. she didn't think they were pains in the ass...she thought they were sweet... but then she doesn't live with them either.

we had a nice visit, i enjoyed nattering with her. and i am really glad she got those ducks out of that box and found a way to bring them here.

she is not a hero...just an ordinary person who did a compassionate and responsible thing. i am not a hero...i just happen to like cute little ducklings and could suck laura into climbing a 20 foot ladder to reach down an empty cage. (thx laura...that was pretty close to heroic in my eyes cuz i am such a freak out over heights)

anyway..if those cute little ducks mess up that cage like the last ones did..i won't think they are cute for very long.

thx for helping them might not be exactly a hero but you are a very kind person and that is just as good.


Marie Bellemare

Well said Patti - so well said...

Sending love vibes to all the SAINTS

Carol, thank you for you


Compassion in action, Yay for Caitlin for caring enough to ensure their safety.

You may not be a Hero Carol, but you are a good example of the compassion the world is missing, and the animals sure appreciate all you do. Some just don't show it very well.