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Wishes for Whiskers Dinner Menu

Sheila  ·  Aug. 3, 2009

In an effort to sell more tickets I thought I would post the dinner menu so that people see that the vegetarian meal isn't filled with a bunch of tofu and made to taste meat. I have eaten Critic's Choice's Food and the food is very good. Perhaps Leila, the lifelong vegetarian... can explain in the comments why she asked Critic Choice to do the menu. It had something to do with burst of different flavours in the different dishes. If you have not tried butternut squash ravioli try it at Milestone's or Cactus Club (although I think Cactus Club's is better). If you are thinking of attending the event please speak up now and don't wait until the last minute...


Cheese Palmiers
Artichoke Crostini
Vegetable tortilla pinwheel

Buffet Dinner
Tossed Salad with berries in raspberry vinaigrette
Thai Noodle
Butter nut Squash Ravioli tossed in herbal oils
Vegetable Samosas

Chick Pea and nut loaf
Wine reduced Garlic and herbed Asparagus, Red Peppers, zucchini & Carrots with sautéed cherry tomatoes.
Yukon Gold Mashed potatoes

Berry Crumble with Vanilla Whipped Cream
Assorted dessert squares and mini fruit tartlets

Coffee and Tea.



Vegetarian is super delicious! My boyfriend eats animals however never around myself. He makes the best vegetarian meals ever... being a Chef at heart himself he loves the challenge (over typical meat, potato, veg) to think outside of the box. One meal recently made was cous-cous with fresh wild mushrooms, risotto stuffed red peppers with peas & crumbled topping, roasted corn of the cob. Also wine. It feels great knowing no animals suffered & it tastes amazing!!


Hi Samantha:

I will make sure I give you your tickets when your donation is picked up. email me at what day you would like it picked up. Either Kathy Kelm or I will come get it. And thanks!!



yes, dont forget bout me! I also have some artwork to donate to the raffle.


ahh sheila, i keep forgetting Samantha the groomer wants 2 tickets but i didn't know if she should mail the cheque to you or to saints.


In my very humble opinion, most people who cook with the main course been centered around "meat" do not know how to cook vegetarian. What a lot of caterers/restaurants do is cook around the meat and just don't put any meat on the plate so what you get is a bunch of food that has the same texture in your mouth. What I like about this menu is that it has a variety of textures that you will taste in your mouth rather than a bunch of soft vegetables. The variety of ethnic food will also give you different flavours along with the texture. Most caterers would have given you a choice of a pasta with a bunch of salads and then some over cooked vegetable with a couple of rice dishes thrown in to the mix which is what the 1st caterer we almost went with was going to do. There was no texture to the food and everything would have tasted soft in the mouth.


I am not a vegetarian and I live nowhere close enough to go but boy does that menu sound FANTASTIC!