Rescue Journal

it's confusing.....

Carol  ·  Aug. 4, 2009

so rudy and tu got kicked out of their rabbit pen and moved over to the empty rabbit pen which steve the human just finished building for stevie the bunny. stevie the bunny will have to wait to even get to try out his new pen til rudy and tu move back into their pen...which currently holds emily the baby cow.

the rabbit room was built to be a rabbit room, but now it is a calf room and tomorrow it will be an operating room and a recovery room and a medical room while emily heals from her hernia repair and then it will return to a bunny room...but also frodo's room because i now have a plan.

i want to move marty out of the medical room, into the office area and build him an outside run. then he can live with maybe one other non aggressive cat but get outside which is what he really wants. then i will move cali out of the medical room and either over with marty or over to the house, i can't decide which, but i am thinking on it. and apollo will have to stay in the medical room because he will pee all over the office and we can't have that.

BUT, frodo should get along ok with apollo and then they can have the medical room and the bunny room once the calf and marty and cali are gone. and any new sick animals that have to go into the medical room will have to stay closed up in the medical pens til they are well again so they don't piss frodo off. frodo will then have a house again that he shares with one nice cat and a bunch of bunnies and maybe some sick animals stuck temporaily in pens (but no cows cuz emily will go back out to the barn in a couple of weeks.)

that leaves watson to have the shop building all to himself IF i can't bond him into the "no cat" part of the house and he will have to be content with that....but we will probably build him an outside play pen off of the shop if that he should be ok.

so my problem of where to stick every one is suddenly might seem confusing but i have it all straight in my head.

(oh steve???? when you are done fooling around with fishing poles and guns...grab your tools cuz i need a small outdoor cat run please and maybe an outside dog run too.)

please wish emily a very safe surgery tomorrow.



Love ya Em, be your tough little self. I will see you tonight for a kiss.