Rescue Journal

and for the saints nightly news....

Carol  ·  Aug. 5, 2009

so mj brought me the "push" letter from jeremiah's previous owner's arrived in the mail today. return the dog by august the 12th or else.

time to get our lawyers involved....a couple of law firms are about to make a bunch of money over the legal ownership of one little dog. such a waste of time and money but that can be the tough side of being in rescue...standing firm in what you believe. and i do believe that jerry is legally our dog.

no point fussing or worrying...with the help of our lawyers, i guess we will go to court and see what the judge least it won't be my responsibility to figure out the true and the not so true and the wrong and the right of all the people involved..i will just be hoping for the best decision for jerry.

there is always something or other popping up to remind me that rescuing animals sometimes really sucks.

on to other things...

i forgot to tell you that lucky is home, she came home from the vets yesterday and is doing really well. she is content for now in the house in the entrance way while her incision heals. she can go back with dusty and cleo in the mp room when she is fully well.

the vet said i can move emily back in with her cow friends sooner than a week if it is too hard to manage her in the rabbit room. we will see what the weather is doing..if it stays cool and the flies go away..maybe we will move her back. but if those buggers continue to be a problem, i think for her well healing, she should stay where she is.

i cannot believe we just repaired a hernia on a baby cow....oh what will we have to do next?

i want to welcome colleen as our new casual/part time staff person. colleen came to my own personal rescue and worked here when i broke my ankle a couple of years ago (that wheelchair and then the crutches also totally sucked!) so i am really glad to have her back again....lots of changes since she was here before...back then we didn't have to work around cow surgeries in the rabbit room!

spritely's leg is better....for now. gideon is doing ok too...for now, somedays all you can count on is right now.

the baby ducks are doing fine..since we can't tell their genders yet, we have named them unisex names...hello dale and darcy duck...glad to have you with us at saints.

i have changed kyndra's (?..was this the right name laura?) to doris...she looks like a doris to me. considering that she is blind and deaf, she sure is doing well here. she has all of the dignity and rock solid coping skills of the shitzheads that i love the best. she reminds me of peter...sweet dog.

apollo goes into the vets tomorrow for a blood sugar curve.

and daffy duck dog goes in for her chest xray and EKG on friday.

i have to pop out to chilliwack pound tomorrow to look at a 14 yr old dog..there is actually three that came in together...2 seniors (one healthier than the other) and one younger one...i am cringing inside here because i do not want to split up family bonded dogs.

there is no way we can take all three but i will go out and see what my gut says to me...but guess what my head is already saying?

rescue freaking sucks again!

i just wanted to let you know that morgan the little feral bengal is loose in the back cat rooms now. she is so beautiful and i am quite emotionally drawn to her (even if i do out of respect give her a little personal space and distance)...anyway..i wanted to tell you that she is doing fine freaking out, no terror. she watches us and doesn't want us too close to her but she is ok with us hanging around and working...she is comfortable with this. YAY make rescue NOT suck for a very brief minute.

okey dokey...since emily got ripped off in total bottle consumption today..i thought i would go offer her a late night bottled milk snack just in case she wants to make up for what she missed.