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saints welcomes....

Carol  ·  Aug. 6, 2009

i did drive out to chilliwack to meet the three pound dogs...i actually met four. a small little senior lab cross with a very large mass on her belly. the two senior border collies...both candidates for saints admission. and their absolutely beautiful and lovely young friend...what a totally great dog.

and i came home with....

no one.

trina is going to check first with the border collie rescues to see if they can help these old timers. the young guy is hugely adoptable so he should have a ton of applications. the old girl with the mass on her belly is ok where she is for now..the pound has room which we do not. so we left it that we will step up for each of the three old guys IF nothing else pans out for them.

we were both good with that.

i took apollo into the vet first thing this morning for his shave and blood sugar curve...wrong is next thursday, so i brought him home again..oops the clinic and i were each thinking of a different week.

angelina shaved down and bathed thick and crusted eyes that we can finally see...we noticed that they are bulging and one of them is blood filled..looks like glaucoma to me plus yeasty ears and skin. the staff also noticed she is having trouble during her bowel movements... straining and passing ribbon like stools...hmmm, sounds like a colon tumour so she is going into the vet for a good check over tomorrow and we will see what the vets see with her.

the plumbers came...the new water holding tank was delivered and hooked up so we can now store 5000 gallons on site. i am hoping since we are using 2000 gallons a week that maybe with care we can strectch our water out to last us at least three weeks between deilveries during the the summer when the well runs dry.

the only thing is...i totally messed up and did not even think to ask for a white water tank.

consequently... there is monolithic, giant, black, plastic, dark, sky scraping tower sitting right in front of our fence in our is beyond ugly.

i am not about to go another day without water to try to get it changed...

so saints welcomes the new ugly water tank.

oh yay.



great news sheena, and great work too, they were sweet dogs and i am glad they ended up with you, they won't have to worry about anything any more. yay!

That'll Do Border Collie Rescue

You'll be happy to know the two seniors are safe with us, and the 14 year old already has a home :) The younger dog that came in with them is not a border collie, but should get placed quite easily.



DON'T.....just let anyone paint the tank.....Im sure we will have to buy special paint that sticks to plastic......otherwise it will look like a few months....uglyer than now.......and you get an atta girl.....for not bringing home half the pound dogs.... :) :) :) ;)


Yes I see rainbows & flowers & a big shinning sun with bunnies & cats & dogs all hanging around.. however that is only what I see... can anyone actually paint...