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Carol  ·  Aug. 10, 2009

The White Knight

Many old horses have a very crappy life. They spend their lives in service to others and then just fade away, uncared for, into the lonely night.

Gideon's story is not much different than alot of others out there. He was a wonderful, kind and cooperative horse who always did the best that he could. Like many others tho, Gideon was passed around from home to home to home. He was not a very big, he was not spunky and fast, and he was not all that interested in being "showy" either.

He was just an all around basic and solid guy, safe for whoever was put up on him, a good beginner pony. Gideon did the circuit of teaching kids to ride. In his 29 working years, he taught a couple of generations of children how to groom and ride. But inevitably, Gideon got old and he started the "free lease" routine. Free leasing is a way to get someone to use and pay for the care of your old horse when they are no longer good for much except meat.

Gideon came to us from a free lease agreement with a children's camp. He was of no use to them there because of his age, bad teeth and arthritis. The owner would not pay to take him away because she had no where for him to go. She was advertising on Craigs List for donations to cover vet costs or the cost of euthanizing him, whichever would make him useful to someone or end the obligation to him.

That could have been a sad ending for such a loyal horse. Gideon did come to SAINTS and happily slipped into retirement here. He caught on to the whole retirement plan really quick...humans are now to wait on him hand and foot and not ask anything more of him in return.

So finally, after 30 years, Gideon was now free to live his life how he wanted, which was quietly and peacefully with fresh apples every day. Gideon did not stop being a nice guy, it was too deeply ingrained. He let the sheep hide under him whenever they were afraid. He would share his grain with them, and drop feed all over their backs, and then like they were table tops, he would take the grain back.

He has always been good with children, and I can still see that very small boy with his arms wrapped around Gideon's chest in a five minute love hug. Gideon stood still as stone with that child hanging from around his neck. He knew his job was to be careful to keep that little one safe.

When Spritely is sick and her leg is bad, Gideon stands at her side. He stays real close to comfort her and to make sure she is not alone. He and Sparky take turns scratching each others backs, Gideon likes nothing better than a really good back scratch!

Gideon is our White Knight in Shining Armour, he now has cancer and is 34 yrs old. He has taught all of us here about caring for old horses, he has taught us about kindness, honour and just plain good will. His journey is getting shorter, the end won't be far away, but Gideon, we think is happy with this last part of his life.

Gideon is very pleased to welcome you to his table for the Celebration of his Very Good Life.



Mom you are on a roll!

Leila I hope you are copying these all down and Mo I need a copy of the picture of the sheep under gideon please email me it: thanks!