Rescue Journal

just an update...not a table tale.

Carol  ·  Aug. 10, 2009

i noticed tonight when i took watson out for his final pee, (we went for a short walk in the rain down to the end of the road)...any way..i noticed that he is not as comfortable walking in the dark as he is just popping over to the memorial garden which gets lit up by the security lights as we wander by. i think his vision is impaired enough that he doesn't really see very well in the dark.

now this makes me sad because i have been a very mean hag, and have been turning off the shop lights on him when i put him to bed. poor, partially blind inconsiderate is that to be unable to see for the sake of saving electricity...i left them on for him tonight.

he really is a very sweet dog.

max is falling in love with me..he has that, "i only have eyes for you" crazy, wide eyed and peircing look whenever i dare to move.

reggie is still irritating the hell out of me with his hysterical screaming whenever he gets excited or mad but i am working hard to let it go. sigh, it is hard tho..i know that messed up dog is not at fault but it doesn't make it any easier to live with.

the maybe not ducks are pretty freaking cute..they have their own brand of bedtime hysteria..."we need more water...we need more water..." 'quick, run and hide, she is bringing us more water!!!" funny things.

the barns guys were good...and wet tonight. gilbert is another fruitloop. i am trying to feed emily her bedtime bottles and up he pops, loops his legs over the stall wall and stands there like he is casually conversing with me. he really does just crack me up...he is such a very social thing.

welll...the bed buddies are freaking out, they want me in bed with i guess i better go. 2 more shifts to work and then three days off...whoo hoo...i have plans for those free three days!