Rescue Journal

it is a bad stray week.

Carol  ·  Aug. 11, 2009

i picked up a little unneutered pitbull tank in the middle of a busy road. he had a head the size of a huge pumpkin and he had that wide grin that could swallow you whole. i sent him down to the pound to await his owners. while he was waiting the staff decided to work on his leash training (he is a total leash moron and freakout.) i guess the training didn't go well...he started to do the multiple death roll, then dropped to the ground like a ton of bricks and snapped the bone in one of the staff's arm. ooops, sorry guys..i never said he was smart.... i just said he was cute.

anyway his owners did claim him and now he has gone home (with strict instructions to teach him to walk on a leash.)

on my way home tonight..i picked up two labs on the side of the highway. the younger one was full of energy...the older one was full of lumps (hey younger girl, that will be you in a few years if your owners don't spay you.)

she has out of control mammary tumours that have spread along her rib cage and wrapped around her groin to the back of her thigh...those have to be uncomfortable and i hope her family is giving her good pain control. anyway...i left them at the pound too.

i said if no one claims them..i want that lumpy, soon to be dead dog ( and i will take her friend) we have some very nice, feel better drugs for her so that she can enjoy whatever time she has left.

watson's owners showed up looking for him three weeks after he went missing...he looks and feels like a different dog, his ears and eyes are being treated, his pain in his hips is under control and his coat is clean, un-matted and gleaming, plus he is neutered so now he won't get testicular cancer. guess who is not going back to wherever he came from? you gotta love time limited holding periods...the pound staff told them, sorry too late....and watson says...none too soon either.

that very old stray that was coming this weekend from one of the spca's...didn't make it out. he started uncontrollable seizuring, was rushed to the vets and they had to let him go. rest in peace poor old stray dog...sorry we didn't get a chance to meet.

could some folks please put out some care and concern for the animals that live with them. if they have a neck make sure they have a collar,,,if they have a collar make sure they have a readable tag and try to teach them not to death roll when someone puts them on a leash, also...if they are sick, take them to the vets, if they are intact, spay or neuter them too, if they are lost, at least make a minimal effort to find them....look in the phone book under your community's name for ANIMAL CONTROL (ie MISSION ANIMAL CONTROL) really is that easy.



the vet was wrong..he is apparently 10, just has really good teeth. i don't think any shelter or pound gives out private info once the animal has gone somewhere is a legal confidentiality issue..i don't think they are allowed.
( of the large city pounds did give out one of our volunteers home phone number when they were trying to track down jeremiah..i keep forgetting to phone them about that and tell them to never give out our volunteers numbers..their home numbers are as sacred and private as the pounds staff home phone numbers...not to be given out or shared.


Good for you re Watson. Just out of curiosity tho..does the shelter staff tell Watson's family where he has gone or do they just say to bad so sad he was adopted out...I would just be afraid they might find out where he is...3 weeks???? Were they on vacation? So what they should have never left him...I hope he finds a great he has landed such a great spot with you but for your sake it would be easier should he get his own spot. Did they at least have any information regarding him? Watson enjoy your new healthier life..