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Carol  ·  Aug. 11, 2009

The Devil with the Great Big Grin

We call her the landshark, I call her the devil dog. Suzie is a barrel bellied, 14 year old, little chihuahua. She lost her home for peeing in the house and biting the grandchildren, this doesn't surprise me in the least. What does surprise me tho is how much she truly enjoys being recognized as a demon.

This is how bedtime with the Devil goes....she is quietly laying at the end of the bed with her back to me, minding her own business. I call out from the top of the bed in a my high sing-song voice...."ohhh Suzzzzie..." and she ignores me. I try again..."Doozzzzzie Dog?....." ...nothing, I don't even exist.

" Are you a crazzzzy dog???" and her tail starts to wag. "Are you an eeeeevil dog???"..that's it, her tail starts flying, she whips around and charges me. She hits the pillows and digs in my hair, pulling it out by the roots. I say..."You ARE a crazzzzy dog!" and she gets even more frantically happy. She snarls in my neck, she batters my eye with her round and rock like head, she shoves her tongue down a nostril while I hold her off (OH GROSS!) and I keep telling her how truly BAD she is.

The more I recognise her evilness the more joyfully evil she gets.

I totally understand this, what is the point of being a self proclaimed demon dog if no one really appreciates it?

So Suzie and I have this nightly game we play, "Tease the Devil Dog" job is to get her all happily riled up with evil energy and then protect myself from injury. Her job is to joyously beat the crap out of me...she thinks this is a lot of fun.

It is all about quality of life, embracing who you are, even for a little fat wanna-be demon.

Suzie, the devil dog, welcomes the brave and not so faint of heart to share her very happy table of evil.