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Carol  ·  Aug. 12, 2009

What's eating Gilbert Goat?

Gilbert had a hard time of it. He was seized by the SPCA for medical distress with an untreated broken leg and then sent to the vets for euthanization. Finding a good, non goat eating/breeding home for a large and intact billy goat is hard enough, couple that with a broken leg and his options were about to run out.

Gilbert came to SAINTS, had his neuter, leg repair and was de-loused. Less than a week after he got his cast off, he developed meningitis and began to continuous seizure. By the time the day was over and the seizures were finally under control, Gilbert was totally blind, a possible side effect to massive repetitive brain seizures.

After three weeks, it looked like his blindness was permanent, so to keep blind Gilbert safe and provide for his daily quality of life, we began construction on a new blind goat habitat. The day after it was totally finished and after Gilbert spent his first night in there, Gilbert decided to get his vision back and now he can see pretty well.

That is the story of Gilbert's arrival and initial first weeks at SAINTS.

But Gilbert is so much more than just the story of how much his life sucked.

There is Gilbert himself and the goat that lives inside him.

Gilbert is curious, he wants to closely witness everything. Gilbert is hungry...ok lets be honest...Gilbert is a total glutton. That goat has so much food on his brain, that his belly is now carrying a whole lot of extra fat. Gilbert is an absolute and complete big baby, he will cry and wail and carry on if suddenly he finds himself alone. It never occurs to him to just be quiet and walk over to where the others have gone, no...he has to wail his loneliness (at the top of his lungs!) til someone finally takes pity and comes to be with him.

Gilbert really likes people, people are kind and interesting and frequently have some kind of food. And.... people give the very best butt scratches in the whole entire world. Gilbert is a simple goat, he likes a nice place to live, with some nice things to watch, some nice human company, and a whole lot of nice food to eat, as much as possible please.

While Gilbert is quite happy to have you sit at his table filled with a lot of very good food, he thinks the whole Gilbert "in spirit" thing, royally sucks.

Gilbert really would like to be here "in person" to eat all of this nice dinner too.