Rescue Journal

i ended watson's life today.

Carol  ·  Aug. 13, 2009

there was an unprovoked frontal attack on one of our volunteers with a significant level 4 bite wound on the part of the body i consider to be the danger zone (groin/hip to head) hands, feet, and lower legs and arms are usually just painful warnings. i tolerate most bites, accidental and intentional, as long as i can see a logical reason and as long as they are to communicate and not just to cause harm.

i considered the three options...locked kennel for life, out only with a certain few, and since he already did not like being isolated in the shop, i knew he would not like kennel life even more...returning him to his original owners to suffer several more years of painful ignorance, loneliness and neglect.... or ending his life while feeling happy, loved and well. it is more than he had before.

death is not the monster for watson..his life is what made him who he was...a very sweet and loving dog for some and a dangerous, unpredictable dog for others.

i could not risk the people who come here, especially the children and i am so sorry watson that i would not take that risk for you.

i chose death as the gentle and peaceful and safest solution.

watson was a very good dog and we all loved him here. he had a gentle passing, he even good naturedly played a bit with his favorite toy. i hope that he is content where ever he is now and he understands why i just could not let him live here any more.

rest in peace watson.



Hi Carol, sorry that you had to take this hard decision but is the right one. I understand how you feel but is the right decision. Before we adopt Jack we tried to save a beautiful german shepard. But one day my husband was gone for 15 min. and when he came back the dog attacked him and bit him. We had to take him back. We didn't wanted because we already got attached to him, but we had to. The whole experience was very scary, so I do understand and I believe that you made the right decision.

Francesca Wilson

Carole as far as I am concerned you always make the right decision. Watson was surrounded by caring people even if it was for a short time. He knows that as he meets up with other SAINTS now.


So sorry and such a tough decision Carol, thank for you for respecting him and letting him leave with dignity though without difficulty on your part i'm sure. Watson, i'm sorry for the humans who failed you, please rest in peace by your experiences in the past few weeks. Fly free angel boy...


If only the right decisions were the easiest decisions. If dear Watson couldn't overcome his demons while living in safety and surrounded by love at SAINTS, then there wasn't a responsible and caring option. A good death is a gift.

Be at peace, Watson, you were a beautiful soul.


You gave Watson the best. His life ended peacefully and on a high point (living at SAINTS). I have no doubt that Watson completely understands and is grateful for the times you gave him. RIP and God bless.


I'm happy for Watson that a stormy night brought him to Saints and he was able to experience caring humans. His time was short but full of love.....loved ya big guy....will miss our nightly free in mind & body.