Rescue Journal

i am not going to fill out the approved rescue application

Carol  ·  Aug. 15, 2009

i turned it over and over all night long. my gut says don't do it, it will be too much for me so i will not. the spca is the largest, most respected animal welfare agency in canada, they have something that i don't have, an army of animal loving employees to figure out how to deal with the issue of senior animals who do not deserve to die just because their bodies got old.

they already have reduced adoption fees for seniors, and corry just wrote that upcoming article for the province about adopting senior pets, i am sure there are other things in place or that they are working on to change the outcome for homeless seniors stuck in a kennel somewhere and to educate and advocate for them. they have their networks and contacts and approved rescue lists that they access to find solutions for these vulnerable animals.

i have to be honest..i don't have any of that. saints is too grass roots, too young in our rescue life...i just have a very big heart, a very nice senior/palliative friendly but small facility where we work really hard and struggle to provide them with good care and a bit of happiness.

there is no way i can even attempt to potentially help the numbers of hard to adopt seniors that will come into their care. so if it comes down to all or nothing because of that peice of paper...for me, because i know how hard it is for me to say no...nothing is emotionally safer.

having said this...maybe someday, we will be set up better...more committed foster homes, a bigger facility with a better financial base, maybe a stronger team of decision makers to move ahead...maybe then we will decide to fill out the application, but not today.



i know nothing about the approved rescue application, but yes they will give you a reduced fee on older animals. i picked my dog up from the pound, animal control, who had been in there for 14 months. they were so happy for him to have a home that all they charged me was the price of his licence, 35 dollars. i would have paid what they wanted but that was all they wanted. having him here with me, priceless. lol


i have not read the blog for a few days so am out of the loop on quite a few things. will be up tomorrow to pick up copper. i just feel sick about did what you had to do but it does not make it any easier. god, what would he had done if he had been introduced to the big dog room. i remember telling someone that when i had him out to the memorial garden or the school yard next door when he heard the dogs all barking his ears perked up, but i do not think in a good way. it was almost like he wanted to get at them. maybe just my imagination. rest in peace, sweetheart, i am glad that i got to know you. thankyou, dawn for offering to pick me up. i really want to go but am too chicken to go on my own. i will give you gas money and heidi you can still sit with us. lol. my phone no is 8267287 call me and we will arrange a time. if you are in abby, i can not remember i will drive to your house. i am so glad that este is good, i always really liked her. i have a bunch of clothes from a designer, leila, for the fundraiser. who do i give them to. miss everyone at saints you would think i had been gone for a month can not wait to see everyone tomorrow.