Animal Updates

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Carol  ·  Aug. 16, 2009

The Llama Code of Ethics

I have a sneaking suspicion, that if centuries ago, the Incas really did come from outer space...they not only brought llamas along, but the llamas were probably their leaders.

I used to call Carl, the stealth pilot, that lllama could sneak up on an entire army. I don't know how much time you have had in your life to llama watch, but they are incredibly regal.

AND...they are incredibly arrogant too. They see other creatures as lower than themselves. Carl does too. Cows and horses and goats are to be spit at...but not indiscriminately, ONLY if they annoy you. Pigs for some reason are ok, I think he recognizes and appreciates their intelligence, or maybe they remind him of someone he liked from his home planet. Humans in general he is not too sure about, and until he finally decides, one way or another, he graciously refrains. I do believe he has been pondering our worthiness for several years now, but he is not one to make a hasty decision unless we prove ourselves to be as utterly stupid in his opinion as a goat or a cow.

The sheep he never spits at. It is not that he considers them his equal, it is just that he is self-charged with looking after them. This means he has to be near them, and as they already are not all that fond of him, (they see Carl as their sometimes too vigilent keeper)... spitting at them would just make his relationship with them even more to get his job done properly, the sheep do not get spit at.

Carl has a code of ethics that he lives by unfailingly. Hosting humans for dinner, is a new experience for him so he reluctantly is trying to fit that somehow into his code of conduct.

Carl is not really sure he wants you sitting at his table. But if you kindly cooperate and let him sneak up and ponder you, he probably will not spit at you either.