Rescue Journal

have i told you that max is cute? well, i just looked down at him and he really is..and i have nothing more to say about that.

Carol  ·  Aug. 17, 2009

on my lunch break we moved the baby geese, (or are they ducks...we still aren't 100% sure) in with the big outside barn birds. the first half hour went well, floyd was ignoring them and edwina was interested and seemed happy to see them....30 minutes later she is chasing them and grabbing them by the wings...did she think they were ducks and then decided they were geese? or did she decide that whoever they were, they were no longer interesting and it was time for them to leave?

i sectioned off part of the pen for them, and have shut them into a large crate to keep them safe during the night. i guess baby birds are not something that other birds cherish, (cows are much kinder to orphaned babies) so we will have to go slow with the introductions for the first little while.

sigh..our donated, giant, 55 inch, book a movie night TV... has sadly crapped out and died. now we are not only movie night TV-less but we have to have that monster thing hauled out of here. this sucks on a few different levels.

barn bedtime put me in a bad mood, empty feed bins, hungry horses and hauling heavy feed from shop to barn after a long day is guaranteed to wreck the entire night. luckily laura came to help with the bedtime so the only swearing i uttered was...lord F... a duck....(which is really unfair and disrespectful to our duck friends but apparently when frustrated, i have ducks on the brain.

jenn and ang who are both working on the upcoming fundraiser came out on my lunch break is the trouble with daughters and daughters in laws...they tell you up front, emily's and carl's table tales are much too skimpy and lean. they want more detail, a bit more background. when i asked colleen what she thought...she did the new employee safe thing..."well..... they were kind of short."

fine, i am out voted....eventually, maybe, i will flesh out the blasted things...but not tonight.

BUT on a good note...the super daughters today got all of the flowers for the tables donated for the event...way to keep costs down you guys!!!!!

ang was traumatized tho by edwina's abuse of the babies, i left her to watch them while i went to grab an i think i will pass on edwina hosting a table...her table might not get any flowers...she might just get weeds.

i am off to bed to watch tv (mine works fine!), i am bagged and the bed buddies are lonely.


Chris T

Can you call someone and get the big one fixed? Another option is to try unplugging it and plugging it in again. The sound on ours was gone and that is what I did and it came back.