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Carol  ·  Aug. 18, 2009

i think we are going to name those baby duck/geese...peace and quiet...i like that AND one of them needs the quiet name. he screamed so freaking loud when i caught him to put him into the crate for bedtime tonight...geez, you'd have thought i was killing the poor little thing!

those babes must be sneaking growth hormones, i swear to god they are even bigger tonight than they were yesterday. i have never had monster baby birds before, it is can anything possibly grow at such speed?

ooops wait...poop break, daphne two is dropping poop balls across the floor. ok i am back.

that dog is so utterly cute, i just know someone is going to adopt her and scoop her right away from me. WHY DOES NO ONE WANT TO SCOOP AND ADOPT PHOEBE??????

laura picked up emily's calf halter today..the order came on the weekend. it is not a calf halter, it is a cow halter but we tried it anyway. at first she was scared but then i slipped it on and laura stuck her bottle into her mouth. we walked all around the riding ring..halter on and her moving forward, sucking on her baby bottle. colleen was with us and carried the spare bottle so we got 2 full rounds out of her. i have to say that halter training a calf is way easier than leash training a dog but then i never tried training a dog with a bottle as a lure either.

but here is the sad was interested in the halter, she seemed to understand and recognise it. i slipped it over her head and she gently shook it off....i got a terrible feeling that sweet joy may have been a 4H calf. maybe that is why she is so sweet and social, but that makes her journey to the slaughter house even more difficult to handle for me. how do you send your cow friend to slaughter?

joey is now into following me all around. he has decided to take matters into his own hands. he is tired of waiting for me to figure out that he wants to be my very, most special friend. i know what that dog has been up to, and i have more than enough of those stalking special type friends. but joey has figured it not take no for an answer and i will then let him follow along. he is a bright little bugger.

i cannot let the big dog room dogs out...there is a baby bird grounded in the yard. must be first night out of the nest so to keep them from hurting him...they have to stay in.

i do so hope he flies away by morning cuz the dogs by then will be really pissed.

max loves me...what the heck..i love max right back.

i don't know if you noticed but cattledogs are a little bit homely...but i now know i love that freaking dog cuz i think he is beautiful.

ok..enough warm and fuzzy crap for tonight.



I'm glad you like Peace & Quiet...if they don't suit their names, you could try Jekyll & Hyde, or Piss & Vinegar, or ...

Marla from South Dakota

I have to agree - it must be love! We have a red heeler name Molly who wags her whole body, and I think she's absolutely beautiful, and I get terribly offended when someone makes a comment about her being kind of homely. But, most everyone admits that she makes up for everything with personality! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!


Hey now!! I'll have you know that my lovely Madison T. O'Dogg is a GSD/Blue Heeler (sometimes AKA Australian cattle Dog) and she is gorgeous!

I won't tell her what you said, we'll just chalk it up to menopause or something.