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Carol  ·  Aug. 18, 2009

apollo has tested positive to cushings disease...only 1 in 10,000 cats are positive, the pathologist has never had a confirmed case is that rare. so the hope is now to control his cushings which may then just naturally lead to the control of his out of control diabetes..oh apollo, wouldn't that be so very good!

bobbie, the new cat, is still upset and not coming out of his bed, but he is eating canned food so he can take his time.

emily had her hernia repair sutures out...everything looks good under there.

marshmellow and jesse go in on monday for their follow up checks. jesse will have his sutures out then, and marshmellow needs his finally eye check....his eyes look so good..i bet he can see a whole lot better.

jewel is going in tomorrow, her back scoliosis is getting really bad...we can see it visually now without the xrays. and i am really worried that given the number of pain meds she takes, they might be masking it even more than we know. jewel says she is alright, she feels good enough to swim.....but in looking at her back...i know she is not. sometimes good drugs are too good and can hide something really freaking bad.

little doris (from the burnaby spca) is no longer fully blind. now that she has had 3 different eye meds for the past week or so, her eyes are so much better that we just realized she can now at least partially see...YAY doris!!!

so last night i am all upset...i am thinking of little ancient banjo, post surgical repairs, happy in her new home....max with all of his new cardiac meds and loving every second he spends out near the barn or with someone tossing his ball, doris with her once again found vision, and lucas with all of his happy pain meds, stretched out and in full ownership of the red couch........and then there is all of the felv, or ancient or crippled cats and even gilbert the broken legged goat..all out of options, all where are others like them to go?

soooo (again) if i don't fill out the spca approved rescue application...another door closed to them...if i do fill it out, our door will probably be over run in no time. this whole thing has been tormenting me in trying to find a solution.

i talked to sheila, and leila and mo and then i called one of the shelter managers and talked to her too. and i think we might now have a plan. i will fill out the application, but for one shelter only, the manager who has been here, understands our mandate and how we operate, will screen the potentials from the other shelters to make sure they are appropriate, talk to me about space availability, and if all fits together, she will have the animals transferred to her shelter and then on to saints.

if this flies with everyone involved, (it needs to be discussed further and i have to write and adhere to clear admission requirements)...we meet the spca's needed criteria to keep their animals safe, we protect me the weak weanie from too many calls...and a few other animals like banjo,max,gilbert,mother theresa,scrappy,lotus and doris... might get another, last ditch option to become one of our newest saints.

i think it sounds like a plan.



Thank you very much Carol and Nicole. That is such a beautiful, emotional story. You have all my respect ladies for what you are doing. That it is amazing, I am in tears right now but there are joy tears. I am glad that I got Jack and now even more happier that I got him from you. I promise that in one day we will come for a visit.


yup it's still there.


hi dorina...there are some nice shots of jack in the mini CBC documentary on The National that was filmed on saints last spring.
it might still be in their archives, does anyone know if it is still there?


Hi Hillevi, excuse my curiosity but can you fill me up with wrote on the 14th of April something about Jack (my lovely boy), about a CBC story...can you please tell me more. I would love to know more about my boy. Thank you!


Sounds like a good checks and balances system, Carol. So sad about the scoliosis. Yeah about the vision update. Best of all (but don't let the others know I said so) is EMILY - she's so darned cute!!!!