Rescue Journal

and since i am somewhat in a bad mood's a story for you...but it is not a table tale.

Carol  ·  Aug. 19, 2009

The Hag

No it is not Phoebe today, (but it might be tomorrow,) todays Hag of the day is Edwina the duck. I swear that duck does not have the least bit of maternal instinct inside her, not an ounce of compassionate care...I am so glad we took her eggs away from her, she apparently got gyped out on nuturing cells.

Luckily, Colleen heard the little babies crying and went to check on them. And there is Edwina the Wicked Duck of the West INSIDE their pen and tormenting them. That Hag flew right in there and she did not need a broom to get in there either.

Enough was enough..I captured Floyd and sent him back over to the chickens. We couldn`t get Edwina the flying wretch duck cuz she was pretty quick at getting away. So....we opened up the pen door, encouraged her to leave and further encouraged her to waddle along to the door of the chicken pen. Now those babes are completely Edwina free and Floyd cuz of her has lost his swimming pool.

Maybe we will move it over to the chicken side tomorrow.

I hope those baby ducks are geese and when they get really big...I bet they remember Edwina the big bully duck who is now a lot smaller then they.

what goes around, comes might have been a good idea edwina to teach those babes some kind things.