Rescue Journal

another day, another dollar.

Carol  ·  Aug. 19, 2009

i am really worried about jewel's vet appointment today, i feel almost physically ill....i so do not want to hear what the vet is going to say.

here is another thing about rescue which is weird,.... lot's of time i really do not want what i think... to be actually right.

sometimes being totally wrong is a real gift...i really want to be wrong today at about 11:30.

wanna know how you wake up with a chuckle? take the risk and share your bed and blanket with daphne 2, the occasional night time incontinent...while last night she was able to hold everything just fine (she is getting pretty good at this) is so adorable when my alarm goes off and i start moving...daphne looks at me in somewhat still sleepy horror as the cold air hits her now exposed body. she dives back under that blanket like a hiding but now discovered gardner snake. daxi-comfort hounds really are funny.

crap man...i thought i was off on thursday, but i re-checked my schedule and i am not. i am all confused with all the switches with the other nurses i have recently made...i told everyone, no more switches...i have a 4 day weekend coming up next week and i am not letting that get screwed up...i want 4 days off (and i am being greedy cuz i have another set of holidays coming up right after that too!)

the abcess on sissy looks great on the right hand side of her neck. but the left side now looks like it is going to burst so i will ask the vet today...does she just want her to stay on the baytril and let nature take her course or does she want to get in there surgically and drain it out herself. poor sissy baby, that thing has got to hurt!

in looking at both spots..i am actually wondering...did phoebe really maybe bite her at some distant point or did her glands just abcess for some odd reason?

this would be where NOT knowing everything is sort of a drag....oh well i better get dressed for work and poke the diabetics..mornings around here are such a load of fun.



hi lory, no, i would not think that pork hocks would clean their teeth, their is too much meat on them. what is supposed to be good is raw meat bones from the meat store, just a lttle bit of meat on them and chewing on the bone is supposed to be good for their teeth and also to maintain their weight as it uses up lots of calories. my dogs love the raw meat bone, they have to be quite big tho they are sold as soup bones also i brush my dogs teeth and that helps. the dental bone is good but my dogs eat it far too fast to be of any help. i would think chris or deb would also know as they feed their dogs the raw food diet. maybe they can comment on this as well.


Lynne - hope you read this. Do port hocks clean their teeth? I am trying to find things for MacKenzie (14 yr old Westie) to chew on that don't break down too quickly and help him with his teeth cleaning. The last dental cleaning at the vets almost killed him.


The trip went well, it was interesting. I went to see gang at SAINTS a couple of times this week. Looking forward to seeing them all in the barn sunday morning, I work saturday so I can't make it out then (unless I manage to get off early).


So Tammy , I see you managed to not fall overboard. Hope your trip was a blast , I know phoebe was looking for you last week-end...


hope jewel is going to be okay. a funny story. last night i gae all y dogs a frozen pork hock to have as a treat. well, the 3 big ones polished them off in about 45 minutes, but copper being much smaller than the rest took the longest. after chewing on it for about an hour 15 minutes, he decides to have a drink of water. bad mistake. he gets up and goes into the kitchen and starbuck sees this so leaps into action. he runs into the living room and stealscoppers bone. outside he goes and has it gone in about 2 minutes as there really is not too much left. poor copper saunters back into the llving room and goes to where his bone used to be. well, he is devastated and searches all over the place. can not find it anywhere so comes over to where i am sitting and proceeds to stare me down. i could just see him saying, well you b...., where is my bone. all night long he sulked and then turned his back on me. i had to tell him that he either had to take his bone with him or else finish it first as my other dogs are greedy. this morning he is still not completely over it so i will give him a lttle treat when the others are not looking.