Rescue Journal

there are baby steps, and then there are baby wipes...

Carol  ·  Aug. 20, 2009

it reeks in here..i got home late from a very busy day at work and walked into the house and it hit me like a foul wall. i just finished the barn bedtime and diabetics, am having my dinner (2 granola bars and a diet pepsi) and posting, then i am going to rip this place apart cuz i am not spending the night in this stink. it must be accumulative cuz the last time it smelled this bad was just before my last set of holidays... i went nutz for a week, the smell got better and here we are a week before my next holidays and the smell is back again. bad enough that the dogs stalk me, now i have a stalking smell.

good thing i am off tomorrow cuz tonight is going to suck.

i will tell you about is the one thing that never leaves your head. people expect that there will be some smell here, there are 60 animal bodies all living in the same house. but the smell i am talking about is the smell of old permeates your cells, and it is totally gross.

THAT smell will turn folks right off...they won't leave here feeling all warm and fuzzy, they will leave here and be glad to, feeling foul and dirty..... and not only will they not forget that, they won't want to come back here either. this is why i am such a freak about cleaning, and using bleach to kill off the germs...a clean animal house is a friendly animal bodies can add a musky essence to a room, old urine is not allowed to add its odour too.

oh well, it will smell better by soon as i get my tired butt in gear.

at least tonight i won't be dreaming upsetting things.

sigh, come on carol, you can do it...divide each room into 4's......just one corner, then two, the third starts to feel better, the fourth will feel really the time you finish the forty-ith something corner, the smell will be gone.


Carol is almost midnight, i can handle the air in here almost 18 hour day is more than enough for me....good lord, what i could accomplish with a 20 or 30 yr old body.... (and the lottery!!)
i will have a nice dream tonight...and one with fresh air too....maybe a tulip field or something...thats pretty safe.


the smell i think was somewhere in the front areas...i got the kitchen, laundry area and entranceway done and the odor is much improved. at least i think it is cuz all is can smell at this minute is bleach.
i think i will just do a bit more and a decent job on the little dog/cat room tonight...maybe tomorrow if i finish with the vet runs and the spca application in chilliwack early enough i will tackle the back cats and the other 2 dog rooms.

here is my good thought for tonight...saints might be too small for us BUT when cleaning late at night, a bunch of small spaces to clean is much better than BIG!