Rescue Journal just gotta chuckle at yourself

Carol  ·  Aug. 21, 2009

i don't even know why i bother venting on the the folks who might benefit, even care enough about homeless animals to read about them...shit man they are too busy using their blackberries sending text email messages to torture rescuers hinting they are about to toss out a couple of more. i know you are full, BUT...hey man...these ones come with a monthly cheque to cover their there's a great deal. someone can actually pay me a fee to fabricate space. is truly wonderful and magical. i thought it was just dirty paper.

i really should not read my emails any time before noon.

i forgot to turn off the air conditioner before i went to bed last night. hah...i woke up this morning and saw all around me a totally empty bed..this would be because the little chilly buggers had every single one, burrowed and suctioned cupped to me under the covers. i could have fit another 6 or 7 bodies up there in all of that empty space.

maybe if i keep it really cold in here, it won't look so full.

then i can take in some animals that come with those nice disability pensions and quit my job so i can stay here and clean up after them all and get pre-rescue financially comfortable again.

if i added up all of the bribes offerred over all of the years in rescue...if their folks actually came thru and really paid..who knows maybe paying the bills wouldn't be a problem anymore.

oh well.. so sad, too bad i turned such golden opportunities away...oh wait...i think i took most of those animals was the money i said no thank you to.

donald trump would sneer at my holier than thou altruistic dirty blood money mentality.

(use your math skills carol...110 animals at capacity at $50 a month lifetime boarding fee...gee thats $5000 a month clear...more than my wages nursing as a full time career.)

ooops, oh well. sadly again. i suck at these things.



Well done, Nicole. There will be other conferences and now you are qualified to attend. Congratulations!


like it was ever in question...but big congrats on the officialness of it now!


the boo/hiss part of the day just happened.
the farm sanctuary conference in new york was cancelled today, no trip for meghann and i.
i was soooo excited.


not related to your post, but thought i'd let you know i got my letter today and i passed the VTNE!!!! such relief!!


It's to the point now where I just nod and smile when offered monthly support for the animal... or they will bring in food... or they will volunteer... etc etc etc.

Now, I am pretty sure we would not WANT someone who could dump a long-"loved" animal friend volunteering at the shelter. However, that is a bridge we have never had to cross... NEVER.

Not one single offer has come to fruition. People dumping their 12 year old peeing cat... all proud of their generousity because they brought a brand new bag of food... barf.

It is left to the truly kind-hearted... the truly generous-of-spirit Folks who support shelters and santuaries and the animals dumped there. The people who would stand-by their animal friends to the end are the ones who end up standing by the animals of others too.

Fortunately, they are part of my favourite Rescue Math equation; one kind person makes up for 10 who only think they are.