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Carol  ·  Aug. 24, 2009

you guessed it.....

The Lucky One?

Luck is relative. You could be lucky to win the lottery or you could be lucky to not be dead. It is all in how you view where you sit in the whole lucky or not scheme of things. We are having trouble deciding where our Lucky she lucky or not?

Lucky is a 9 yr. old, blind, golden retriever, she lost her home for the usual reasons..her family's life changed and she no longer fit in. It is hard for any dog to lose their home, it is harder for a blind dog, they feel more vulnerable. Lucky did not end up dead, and she did not have to go to the pound, but Lucky did not get another home either. She got the middle road in the solution pile, Lucky came to SAINTS.

She is a really nice dog, but was too overwhelmed by all of the other animals around her. When everyone else started creating a big group fuss, unsure of what was going on, Lucky reacted by trying to take out the fuss makers. While I personally appreciated her efforts to help, Blind Dog on the Warpath just caused other problems.

So Lucky joined Cleo and also blind Dusty out in the MP was quieter and more predictable for her and she settled in quite nicely. Lucky likes attention, she likes to lay in the Memorial Garden and have someone rub her belly. She likes to go for walks with Cleo and Dusty and the staff in the morning and toddle around the upper field. She likes to roll in horse poop (and eat it if no one is looking,) she likes to wander around free to smell the grass..this is what makes Lucky happy.

Lucky also really likes food, she will eat just about anything, she likes to keep her belly and her mouth full. She is forever carrying around some little stuffie, it gives her a sense of security.

A few months ago, she developed a painful auto-immune disease called pemphigus. It took some doing but we got it under control and now Lucky was a senior, blind, homeless dog with a chronic, but managed disease. Then she decided to fill her belly with a ton of small stones. She was rushed in for emergency gastric surgery to get the rocks removed. Lucky was then a senior, blind, homeless dog with a chronic autoimmune disease who liked to eat rocks.

Lucky has been doing ok major disasters (knock on wood), things have been going pretty good for her in the past couple of weeks.

But she is not sure where exactly she sits on the lucky or not scale of things...lucky to be alive? lucky to be at SAINTS? lucky that we think she is more than worth all of the trouble she brings?

Lucky thinks she might be lucky to have you all join her at her table for dinner tonight. Having you here means that someone cares about her and her life and that has to be a really lucky thing.



well my last comment did not come through but i said awwww. i love that dig. lucky is lucky because she found a place at saints where she is loved. and yes she does like her belly rubs. one could sit in there forever, and i guess because she is blind that she loves to be touched. i would love to sit at her table.


awwww, i love that dog. she is lucky for the fact that when no one else wanted her she had a home here she does indeed like to flop down on her side for a great belly rub and will lay like this for as long as you want to rub her. she is very sweet and would make someone a great friend. i would like to be at her table.