Rescue Journal

an update on endora

Carol  ·  Aug. 25, 2009

the blood work is back and her kidneys are toast. this is probably why her mouth got so inflamed from the advantage...with end stage kidney disease, the uremic toxins build up (uremia)..this can cause stomatitis (inflamation of the mucous membranes inside the mouth)..the advantage burned her already fragile tissues.

so here are the issues of this little old cat that i really love...

after more than 24 hours on IV's, she is still dehydrated..probably because of her underlying kidney disease.

she cannot eat while her mouth is so inflamed...if we do not do something quick, her liver will crap out and fatty liver will set in and force feeding really hurts and upsets her more.

if we surgically insert a pharangeal feeding tube and get the nutrition into her that way, will she in fact eat when we take it out if and when her mouth heals or will she feel too sick anyway from the toxins from her end stage kidney disease?

do i want to put her thru the surgery to insert the tube, upset her while tube feeding her (cats do not like tube feeds,) only to discover that she is not going to survive anyway and i just wrecked her last couple of weeks?

do i not even try to save her at all because of what might happen? or do i pull out all of the stops and try to give her time to get well again?

i have a headache, and a pain in my battered heart.

tonight my plan is...i asked the vets to start her on narcotics to control any mouth pain, to keep her on IV's for another 24 hours and then see if she hydrates again, and then wait thru tomorrow to see if with the heavy duty pain meds on board, if she can comfortably eat.

IF she can, then we keep her pain under control; while we wait for her mouth to heal and then she can come home to her counter bed again because we can manage her pain injections here.

IF this does not work..i am not sure i can put her thru the pharangeal feeding tube...i did that to betsy, another terminal cat and when she died anyway i was so sorry that i put her thru that.

i am trying endora, to figure out what you would like me to do, anything that you want honey, anything at all.



Did she get Advantage in her mouth? I hope she comes around so she can come home, I will keep good thoughts for her.