Rescue Journal

so what happened with endora today?

Carol  ·  Aug. 26, 2009

somethings and nothing because i am torn up inside on what to decide. i saw her this morning on my coffee break..she was so stoned on torb that even if she wanted to, she just couldn't eat. i asked them to put her on bupronorphine instead as it was an effective pain med and didn't sedate like the torb....and they didn't use that drug. (it has to do with all of the red tape of monitering and getting and keeping narcotics safe under the gov't laws.) so i rushed home at lunch time and brought some in as i had some left over from eddy with his last episode of severe mouth pain. i checked in again at the end of the day when i was supposed to make the decision of feeding tube or euthanization.

and this time, i just could not decide. endora was brighter, and purred and bumped my head. she still wasn't eating but then, she just started the new med. rahanni was the vet on today and she asked if i wanted to try some naturopathic things and wait another day. since endora has not started with fatty liver yet, and seemed quite bright i said ok. so here we are...still waiting to see if hope still floats.

i don't know what will happen tomorrow but for today, i am ok with waiting a bit longer before making a decision that i won't be able to change. maybe the answer will come to me tonight while i sleep.

and the ducks?

the staff put the babes in with endora, and that went ok. i gave her some metacam on my lunch break and tonight she is not only weight bearing on both legs but can take a single awkward step forward. it also means that depending on the location, with that one small step and stretching out her neck...she can grab the babies with her beak. i saw her do it once while they were trying to eat. but since she is still virtually immobile, they can easily get away from her.

she has a vet appointment at noon in maple ridge on saturday...and i am looking for some help with this because at the same clinic...jesse has his appointment for suture removal at noon, marahmellow has his eye re-check at 12:10 and edwina has her leg assessment at 12:20...this will be the first time that i have taken a dog and a cat and a duck all into the vet at the very same time. sooo..i am thinking maybe i should have someone go with with me, just in case of something (i am not quite sure what, but just in case, anyway) anyone free?

it might be boring or it might be an is a toss up cuz anything is possible with an idiot dog, a not very bright cat, and a very grumpy duck.

let me know if anyone is game.



I too work otherwise I would love to do it. Too bad the appointments weren't later after I got off.
Jenn couldn't you just slip Marsh into the house, I'm sure he would blend very nicely and once your dad saw how sweet and gentle he is how could he not want to keep him. Marshmellow can win anyone over once they meet him.


I would love to( cuz I think it will be an adventure) however ... I'd have to add 3 more dogs to the list & then it wouldn't be an adventure it would probably be a disaster. Hoping hoping hoping all goes well for Endora .


Maybe that is why i love marshmellow ... he is very pause-like ... awe marshmellow ... I offered dad an extra $50 a month in rent if I could bring marshmellow home ... I got a death look and a definate no, as he bolted out of the room, sigh.

I would come join you on your maybe adventure but I am working.