Rescue Journal

crappy night sleep

Carol  ·  Aug. 27, 2009

i didn't realize til they had me all surrounded, fully wedged in for the night and i turned off the tv that the radio was still on in the big dog room.

i had 2 choices, disturb all the little buggers and get up again to turn it off. but that would entail de-velcro'ing them all and then letting them all mill all over to re'velcro again....or just trying to sleep thru it. i chose option 2..not such a great idea. i kept waking up annoyed at the radio talking or not liking the song that was on.

i also was not in the most dog loving mood when i did get into bed...daffy duck had another small seizure just before i got in and fell off the bed, then she wanted to go outside for a VERY long time before she decided to come back in. i could not go to bed til she was settled safely for the night...come on daffy, please hurry up.

caspar bit me when i gave him his insulin...that would be because i was worrying about daffy's little, too big, cardiac broken heart who had just had a seizure and i was in the middle of a brain fart...i grabbed his food and his insulin syringe and then i grabbed him...but somehow i totally forgot the muzzle which i have been using twice a day ever since he got here.

oops, ouch! right...where's the god damn muzzle carol?..oh yeah on the other side of the room and the insulin needle is currently still stuck in him. he got me the first time but missed the second hit when i pulled the needle out.

i am quicker when i am actually paying attention.

and it was chilly last night so every time i woke up, i needed to stretch out my arm to reach everyone i could touch and make sure they were not cold and were covered up with warm fleece. i was cold too but i was trying to share my blanket with too many of them...i should have grabbed a bigger one.

i am tired but am going to try not to be bitchy today, this it might be hard.



Oh My I'll answer for Carol... Yes please Apples & carrots & banannas & strawberries & watermelon are all favorites of the barn guys . Thanks Dawn


Could you use a box of apples from the tree in my yard. I have no idea what type they are but there are way to many. I can bring out on Sat. early if you want them.