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Carol  ·  Aug. 29, 2009

The Dog who would be King

At SAINTS, compassion comes in a black and stocky little package who can be a pain in the butt. Joey is the one who tries to make things ok again. When Tony was paralysed, Joey sat by his head, he nuzzled his ears, licked his face and just said to him, "it's ok buddy, I will take care of you." This was real compassion, because normally Joey did not even like Tony very much.

Yesterday there was an argument between Al and 4lane. Al walked away with his feelings hurt because he thought 4lane was his friend, (he is but 4lane is twisted sometimes and conveniently forgets this.) Joey trotted along to share some sympathy. Al is quite a bit taller than Joey is, so Joey had to bounce up while they walked to reach Al's face for a few licks. There were a few of us watching and all going Joey comforted his upset friend on the way back into the house.

Just because Joey is compassionate does not mean he is even close to being a real king...that little dog causes his own kind of problems around here. Joey has to be in the middle of every pack barking scene, he likes to chase the big dogs and steal their balls when they are not looking, if you give him heck for something, he sulks like a baby AND...a couple of months ago, he bit one of our vets on the leg.

Joey is a boston/chi mix and he got Attitude from both of his breeds, but underneath the "I am King" abides a heart that sees the hurt in others and tries to help. This is quite a gift.

Joey is only four. He is here because of his best friend Peluchie. Not many people are looking for a pair of dogs. Peluchie is nine and has a grade 5 heart murmur and most seeking a brand new friend, avoid the scratched and dented. Joey and Peluchie are best friends. They actully get into a fair amount of trouble together and would behaviorally do better if they were split apart.

BUT...SAINTS is not about breaking hearts, splitting up friendships, taking even more away from them. A home at the price of losing a lifelong, chosen brother, is not worth the hurt that it causes to them.

Joey with his very soft heart, totally understands this and is glad that we do too.

Joey is hosting his table of friendship, of caring, of loyalty and welcomes you. But just because he practices compassion, does not mean you have to miss out on all the fun. Feel free to rabble rouse, Joey is enthusiastically right there on this with you!