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this is it...end of the table tales..table 19

Carol  ·  Aug. 29, 2009

We are Legend.

SAINTS has grown and evolved because of the lessons taught to us by the animals. They are at the heart of who we are and what we do, they have molded and refined us.

There are animals who's larger than life personalities defined us and made us real and they keep us real to this very day. We tell stories about them and while they are no longer here, they continue to surround us in the warmest of memory. Even the volunteers who came after their passing, know these legends of SAINTS.

Wee Hopeful Bug started it all. A tiny little mite of a cat with profound and uncontrolled bowel disease. She could not by any stretch of the imagination be managed in a home or even an animal shelter, she was just too difficult to care for. Hopey had such a passion for life, I built SAINTS for her, she needed a home made just for her. She died a few years ago of a perforated bowel at just over three years of age. Every visitor who enters our gate, passes beneath her memorial chime. Hope is and always will be the spark at the heart of SAINTS.

IF Hopey is the heart, Bill is the face of SAINTS. He was a big, old, homely and fat lab cross that no one ever wanted to offer a home. But Bill was something more than what the eye beheld, he was a dog who just loved to live. His face had a permanent smile, his eyes sparkled with joy. Bill loved everyone and everything and that big heart of his encompassed every second of living, right to his very last day. Bill died at 17, shortly after finishing off a special treat of Tim Bits, he was glad of the treat before he ended his day.

Any picture of Bill clearly shows that he is and always will be the real face of SAINTS.

And then there is Michael, our Kitchen Troll. Who can forget his crippled crab walking and his out and out cranky orneriness. I can still see him rushing over to the giant food bowl and standing there apparently counting the pieces....432, 433, 434, 435..... if he dared to think that one of the other dogs were eating his food. I can also still see him frantically licking an accidently closed door, afraid that he would not be welcomed back in. There has never been such an adorably wrecked and perfect grump before or after at SAINTS.

Micheal represents our total acceptence and value of each animal's uniqueness.. Michael was one of a kind.

For those who knew Pops, they knew someone special. He was a partially naked cat with a chronically drooling mouth. He used to live on the counter next to the sink which was convenient for us to wipe his face down. Pops was always wet with drool and not all that pleasant to look at. But he didn't know that he was sort of gross, all he knew was that he loved us all so much. I used to watch even the best dressed of our volunteers, stop for a moment and toss a towel over their shoulder. Pops wanted loving and they gave it to him despite how icky he was, no one could resist a hug from Pops.

Pops taught us that it is what is inside that counts, his not so great body just held the very best part of him.

Dexter taught us to live every moment and to find fun in all you do. Oka taught us that even while dying, life was filled with special moments too.

Jazz taught us that you do not need to see or hear to wander happily thru your world. Tom taught us that yes...18 year old super dog daxi's really can fly. Jesse showed us that one day you could be a scrounging dump dog and the next day find yourself the Queen of the MP room. Jeanette opened a whole new world for us, one where cows not only smiled but also could cry. None of us will ever forget Ozzie's lesson...if you stumble while running, just keep going til your legs eventually catch up again...that way you won't lose any momentum.

The SAINTS never truly die, we don't let them. They continue to mold and shape us and move us to becoming better and better. They are the hero's we love then and now.

Welcome to the table of Legends, they are the true heart and soul of SAINTS and we were blessed to love every single one....they are the stuff that legends are made of.



This is beautiful, Carol. Maybe you should get a version of it engraved onto a plaque and placed in the Memorial Garden somewhere. It is such a powerful piece of writing.

Your blog is so good, I wish more of the world could be exposed to it. It should show up in the New York Times or the Washington Post!


"I am not picking who is hosting and who is not. i am not telling past and present saints that we couldn’t find enough people who wanted to share the evening with them."

Tht is soooo 100% you. "hert smiling"

nd I m not terrible speller. The first letter of the lphbet is screwed on my comp. I need to tke this sucker in nd get it fixed!


sadly for all of the 19 table hosts to attend, we have to sell out.
this was the downside of writing these, i don't want any of these guys to have to be left out.

if we have less tables you guys..i am not picking who is hosting and who is not. i am not telling past and present saints that we couldn't find enough people who wanted to share the evening with them.

i am such a big weanie.


WOW. What a brillian, moving history. I can't decide which table I would want to be at if I were attending - but I think Table 19 would ultimately win out. Thank you for sharing so much with us.


I forgot to say "bravo" you done good mom ... that will do mom, that will do.