Rescue Journal

rescue is not always an honest venture.

Carol  ·  Aug. 31, 2009

never forget that humans rarely know the difference between truth and a lie. there are so many ways to be dishonest in rescue....

.....pretending to be something you aren't and using the animals as the perfect props.

the thing about this is..the lies can be overt or subtle, at any end of the rescue spectrum...AND the folks lying to you, mostly don't even know they are lying because they totally convinced themselves with their litany of lies first.

how many times can the rescue hand be raised to the brow with a great sigh of fatiqued martyrdom, before people actually see...the hand is tired for the raising, not from much of anything else.

there is also the rescue garden parties...rescue so perfect in every many happy endings, so many great challenges over come, so much experience, so much valuable knowledge..just waiting to be shared....excuse me..but some of us saw you come into this world, and it just was not that long ago.

and there then is the dark side...rescue gone wrong. animals suffering from the problems of their rescuers...lack of knowledge, lack of care, lack of space, lack of funds, lack of ability to problem solve...too far gone and far too stubborn to try to find a way back to sanity again.

how many times do they have to see their desperate, neglected, suffering and sometimes dying animals before these rescuers take pity and say, enough is enough.

are you in rescue? are you proud to be in rescue?

i am not. i am shamed by the pretenders basking in the light and those that seek to hide what they have actually done in the shadows of the night.

i live in constant fear that one day i too will lie.



you are right, there is usually something not so happy behind them..but the point is well made for folks to be aware in rescue that all is not just what we say.
F.L.O.C.K. looked like angels incarnate on their website and they had 850 starving cats in the desert because they were in way over their heads.


I always wonder exactly what you were reading/seeing/listening to before you write one of these posts.

Nothing more than prurient curiousity, but still, I wonder. :-)