Rescue Journal

the not so funny farm

Carol  ·  Aug. 31, 2009

i slept last night from 9:30 til 7:15 this was after 6 pm before the last human left here (lucy's family came to drop her off, she will be staying with us for a week) and i was fighting a headache most of the day. i think the headache has dug in for a couple of more days.

i was in a pissy mood anyway...i started fussing about the possible legal battle over custody of jerry and the 2 previous legal battles in the last couple of years (one was because a past animal rescue group that was getting sued had left me on their list of BOD many years after we had split, and the other was to regain use of our rented out shop building for saints)

nothing annoys me more than people using lawyers to try to push me around. and here is the other thing, until jerry's ex owner gets off his ass and files in court instead of just having his lawyers send free-bee threatening letters...jerry has to stay here, i cannot try to find that dog, the home of his dreams....(if there is one...jerry is not the easiest dog, he has some special needs.)

but long as his ownership is in question, jerry has no other opportunities.

altho...maybe i am looking at this all wrong...maybe here is the perfect excuse to drop the ball and wash my hands of his life-long responsibility.

what a thought? what a sweet deal! what if all of the difficult and hard to live with saints animals, previous owners threatened to sue me?

good it possible that i could pack up jerry's suitcase with just a "sorry, little buddy"? could i be packing phoebe's bag and bed up and waving good bye at the gate? could little reggie with his high pitched scream be walking out our door with a bag of tennis balls? could floyd be leaving to torment someone else's baby ducks (or geese?) all because someone gave them away and then decided they didn't really mean it?

it is hard enough to live with some of these guys, low blow to make me fight to keep them!

sigh...ethics and honor really do get in the way of any kind of peaceful freedom.

ah well..i have other things to worry about.

max is coughing this morning, dogs with profound cardiac disease are worrisome if they cough. we let too many of the arthritic dogs have way too much fun yesterday..jewel is sore, lucas is sore, max is sore..why does fun have to come with a cost? it will tke a day or two of upping their pain meds to get them back to feeling ok.

the good news is.....

stewart the bunny went out on a foster trial. dawn, who had true, cruz and now a big bunny fan. her old girl just lost her partner so stewart is going to see if he can be her new best friend. they met here first and seemed to be ok together so fingers are crossed that this continues...come on buddy practice your woo and charm.

ok and crappola, i need some advil to get some stuff done around todays not so funny farm.