Rescue Journal

another day, another dollar

Carol  ·  Sep. 1, 2009

oh, wait, i don't get paid for day, another dollar, not.

sick call today...i got the big dog rooms done and carmen and tammy helped me with the barn while angelina and colleen picked up the rest of the work. emily got her lunch a couple of hours late, not that it will hurt her, but i thought it was too bad she had to wait.

we will have to come up with a plan on who does what cuz it sure seemed to take a long time to get everything done. (we were not all that organized.)

felix got into the vet...bad heart, bad teeth, maybe diabetes or kidney disease plus blind and deaf...but we have to wait for the bloodwork to come back to see for sure what is happening inside

he hated the blood getting, but had fun too. we waited in the room a few times for various reasons and he enjoyed goofing around and playing inbetween the torturous things.

aurora (our sweet chicken) is not well tonight. she was pretty quiet and resting today and then did not go to bed with the others at dusk. for her this is worrisome cuz she likes to go to bed early. i carried her into the chicken house and put her in a soft nest and will check her tomorrow.

it is so hard because since our chickens come to us as stray adults, we never know how old they really are...and chickens do not have a really long life.

tunie and ellie had some fruit salad that colleen made up...they both liked it a lot. emily spent the afternoon done in the lower pasture with everyone else. this is the first time i let her go down because just now the mud is finally drying up and i did not want her to get stuck.

i had a hot bath and am finally clean...have to do up at least one load of work early morning shift and 4 afternoons and then i start my next vacation...oh yay.

ok, i am burnt out from day 3 of a sinus headache...antihistamine and straight to bed.



I'm betting it's hard for you to get to your doc Carol, but I highly recommend Omnaris for your sinus headaches it works wonders for mine :)


Tammy sent me a pic tonight of the little felix. He is "disgustingly cute" ... I wish she could post his pic and I have a cute pic of Max he is also very cute!