Rescue Journal

ah crappola...

Carol  ·  Sep. 3, 2009

i just woke up. do not substitute v8 juice for supper, it gives you heartburn all night long. yay for afternoon can sleep in late.

still short staffed today but i should be able to get thru most of the house before i have to leave at noon.

and i have to tell you, felix is the very best bed buddy. he cracks you up with his playing, he licks away your face and after 5 minutes he starts to wheeze and falls right asleep. not much stamina in his little ancient 3 kilo body, but lot's of gumption for life for short spurts anyway. i like this little guy, he has personality (when he's awake.)

ok, i better go get breaky and then get my butt in gear, looks like another long day in rescue...4 more shifts then my vacation is here!