Rescue Journal

oh yay, it i can write something interesting...

Carol  ·  Sep. 7, 2009

like...hmmmm..what rescue means to me?, what in rescue pisses me off today?..or...

do you know that your god damn health care dollars are getting eaten up by the corporate mentality? do you know why there are millions of dollars in deficits? and why you are waiting months for basic diagnostics and surgeries???? do you know that fraser health is going to meld with coastal health so the corporate beast can grow even bigger?

and that the powers that be just cut their paltry 50 thousand dollar funding for volunteer programs, like... drivers for the elderly seniors who don't drive any more, are on reduced pensions, and can't afford cab fare????

how are they supposed to get to their doctors when they are sick????? how do they get to their cancer do they get groceries so their fridges aren`t empty....i want to know how the powers that be, think these vulnerable folks will cope.

this really pisses me off.

do you know how many new peices of paper and processes and protocols are under developement? and how many paycheques go into developing these look great on paper but never make it to being all that great for our patients things? do you know how much staff education goes into each new form, protocol, process? and how much that costs to pay us all to get educated....

no common sense real life responsible service delivery. just that corporate top heavy mentality....if it sounds and looks good...thats great for someone`s resume.. lets spend money. old folks can sit at home if they aren`t well enough to walk to their doctors, they cost too much to provide health care for anyway.

here is real service delivery...our hay guy just left..on a stat holiday...he brought us a dozen bales at 7:30 this morning to last us til he gets back from the island on wed.

fraser health should stack their board with farmers...they have loads of common sense, common decency and they take good care of their shut in horse, sheep, pig, llama, cow and goat customers who can`t go shopping for hay themselves!