Rescue Journal

just the diabetics left to do and some laundry, then today is done.

Carol  ·  Sep. 9, 2009

grammy's leg is much better tonight, the swelling is down and she is mobilizing freely. gotta love anti-inflammatory pain meds..they made both an old sheep and me happier tonight.

joy wrenched my neck and back at bed time..i was carrying 30 pounds of hay to the feeders and she decided to butt in with her great big, heavy and very greedy head. i yelled at her....she did not care...she thought she was starving and i was too slow.

edith ran into lahanie's stall WITH him just as i was closing the door...i got her out before he killed her and i yelled at her for being stupid too.
she also did not care, she just wanted her food.

has anyone seen the barn animals at saints?..... (except for gideon) they are all freaking fat, that whole we are starving routine is just a big lie....they don't want to admit they are just plain greedy and impatient food fiends.

while i am pretty happy with the dog shift arounds...certain dogs are not. daphne and donnie are back in my bedroom and jewel is back in the now frail dog area. (she doesn't look and act frail, but she really is, she just doesn't know it cuz she gets good pain meds.) torpedo tank out of my room, two smaller fuzz balls back in. i can live with it.

just a few more days til the fundraiser and just a very few tickets still available for sale. sheila said we will have all 19 tables so none of my beloved guys will get booted out of their hosting jobs...yay!!!



Great news about the fund raiser. I will be there in spirit! Have a wonderfully fantastic time.