Rescue Journal

mj jinxed me

Carol  ·  Sep. 11, 2009

tonight, she said..."i told Dr. Chancy that i want her to fix my ankle like she fixed your ankle..." thx mj, tonight my ankle is aching and it hasn't ached in a very long time...i think you jinxed me.

anyway...while i am waiting for the advil to kick in, i might as well distract myself with talking more about rosebud.

first of her previous owners...

why did you let her coat get so dirty and messed up..couldn't you at least afford a brush? and why did you let her back end get so weak so she feels so vulnerable now? a vet could have told you that something simple like pain meds or thyroid meds might help her feel stronger and more like herself.

i wonder do neglectful owners ever consider that people know she had neglectfiul owners just by the shape she is in now???? or do they think she is dead, wandered off to die alone in the forest so no one would ever know?
is that why people like this never bother to phone their local animal control's to look for their missing old dog?
do they think they are dead...or are they afraid to admit that a pathetic, obviously ignored, old, dirty dog, is really their animal after all?

was this intentional neglect or was it just sheer ignorance? not that one is better than the other but maybe with ignorance, she still felt loved.

oh well...whatever it was, it is over now. i gave her pain meds tonight so she could sleep in comfort. angelina brushed out her dirty tufted coat so she looks much better. i fed her cheese stix and let her sit with her head at my knee and stroked her face while i watched tv. and now she is sleeping, inside on a warm soft bed (thank you to everyone who donates kuranda beds)
tomorrow she learns the ins and outs of saints and within a week or so, she won't even remember her previous life. this will be her life...maybe not absolutely perfect, but a heck of a lot better because here she will be important and real.

when daphne 2 went missing shortly after her arrival in that terrible thunderstorm..i searched for her all night long, i phoned animal control and left a message before they even opened. i called for help and lots of people came to find a missing dog who had only been with us for barely a week.
AND none of it was rocket science or really that difficult...the difficult part was imagining her fear and all of the terrible things that could be happening to her. that part was horrible.

i want to know why rose didn't get any of that?
she is a nice dog. she has a sweet spirit.
she is vulnerable with advanced age and a very weak back end.

how could they not care enough to worry and at least try to find her?

how could you not care about her?....she is so totally and completely lovely.

i just don't get some people or understand why they even have a dog. the dogs mean absolutely nothing to them, so why have them at all?

sigh...ok raging rant is done. i have rosebud now and i am falling in love with some person's very sweet ex-dog (thank god.)



i am so looking forward to the fundraiser tomorrow. it sounds like a lot of fun yeah hope we raise lots of money. welcome all of the new dogs. your life has just begun. o;h and new cats too sorry.


Stealing words from a song I recently heard:
God blessed the broken road that led me (Rosebud) straight to you (SAINTS).

Sometimes the road we travel sucks but leads us to riches. Rosebud will be greatly rewarded at SAINTS for everything she has suffered in her past. It sounds like she already knows that.


i know how you feel carol. i wonder the same thig about starbuck, my old dog from the pound who was in there for 14 months. he too had trouble walking and a very weak backend. now he is on thyroid meds and is like a little puppy again. but i often wonder why no one ever came looking for him. it was not like he was going anywhere that they cold not have found him. do they ever think about him or was he just a nothing in their lives. maybe i would not want to know. all i know now is he is a great dog and he is so happy and is spoiled rotten. my other two rescue dogs at least i know one of them came from a shitty home where they said he was a pain in the ass and would not even pet him when they walked past him. there were dirty paw marks on the basement window when he kept tryng to get in. i asked repeatedley for him and guess what after 6 months of almost begging one hundred dollars did the trick. that was money well spent. my other dog came from a good home where i knew they loved him but could not really take care of him due to old age. and then there is copper and we all know his story. it makes me sick how they can just be nothings to someone. thank god if they can find someone who truly loves them.