Rescue Journal

i want to thank the wishes for whiskers fundraising committee

Carol  ·  Sep. 12, 2009

5 months of hard work..alot of initial stress and for a job i know was well done. one of my bosses once told me, it is the process that counts. i think that is bull shit...the process of anything sucks. it is the end result that validates what you have just done.

now that the tickets are mostly sold..i know 2 things without a doubt. i know you put together a beautiful event that we can be proud of and i know the animals of saints are going to be filling that venue and telling our guests what it means to them to be there.

now the only thing i am worried about is getting there by 6 pm....the barn guys have to be fed and in bed...emily needs to have her 2 bedtime beloved bottles, the rest of the animals need to be settled well for the evening, and i need to be showered and dressed decently before driving an hour to where i don't know (can someone send me directions from the number 1 please?)

anyway...great job you guys, thank you so very much. i know it is frustrating trying to keep this never ending noah's ark of need afloat but all of the too many sick saints animals say big thanks too for all of your hard work...(and if i am late, either one of the animals messed me up here or i got lost so apologies in advance if i screw up the program...deep breath and adjust)

we all love you guys!



No worries Carol, we have directions and will get you there on time....if it doesn't take us to long to pick all of the hay out of your hair. :-)