Animal Updates

there are things i don't want to tell you because i just don't want them to be real.

Carol  ·  Sep. 15, 2009

marty was rushed to the vet yesterday, his leg was swollen. he had an appointment for tomorrow to look at those small skin tumours, one of which had broken open. the vet felt they were fibrosarcomas, localized malignant tumours...very slow growing and not likely to spread anywhere. the swelling she thought was from blocked lymph nodes because some of the tumours were in the same region. she felt if we took the leg off, marty could have a good quality of life so i booked him in for surgery today..but only for lump removals because we wanted to see the pathology first. the vet just called. marty will not be having surgery, his lungs are full of cancer.
he is still feeling ok so he is coming home til it is time to help him go.

the ferrier just left. she said gideon is getting close. he is weaker than he was 6 weeks ago. he was having a hard time during the hoof trims. but true to gideon's spirit, he charged past us at a full trot to the field, glad to be done. she laughed and said ok gideon, just prove me wrong. still...we know his time is getting closer, so we watch and wait.

spritely did not have her feet done. the ferrier would not touch her today. she said that hoof is ready to separate.....her miracles have all gone away. i called the vet and had the vet call the ferrier to talk about her. he called me back and said in the best interests for spritely, it is time to help her go before the big crises hits.

so....our beloved spritely sprocket spirit train will be leaving us this friday. the vets will make the arrangements, her very best human friends have been notified.

i don't know how i am going to do this. so many last minute miracles, so many times she made it thru. why does this have to be the last one...why can there be no miracle again for her?

i looked into her liquid brown eyes, i ran my hands along her glistening coat. i breathed deeply in the warm smell of her, felt the beauty of her deep within my soul.

this is going to be so hard.






Oh gosh...I've been dreading this for so long. I think the many Spritely miracles nourished my flagging animal rescuer spirit more than I realized. Miracles in our work are very few and far between.

Thank you for everything you've done for Spritely, Carol. Your love and respect for that horse is readily apparent even through the internet.


Oh Carol, I am so deeply sorry for your anguish. Please know that what you and the gang have done to make these beautiful souls happy, whether a long time or short, is wonderful and appreciated by these lovely animals. We all understand and we will all grieve, we need to, to remember all the souls that have left and the ones yet to go. They come to you sad and unloved, live, for however long, as happy and loved as they could ever imagine and they leave with all the kindness and dignity they have always deserved.
Bless you Carol, Hugs from me and my family.


Spritely.....God, what a beautiful, elegant soul. Hers will be a great, horrible loss....Spritely seems to have been with SAINTS forever.

I don't want to think about Gideon leaving. He is such a magical, miraculous pony. His work here may soon be done, and God knows he deserves to rest, but to me Gideon, Cole and Frodo are what makes SAINTS SAINTS.


Thanks for the photos Carol. For those of us who aren't as familiar with the animals, it's nice to see their faces while reading the updates and stories.

Chris T

Oh Carol. I am so sorry to hear this news. It is going to be a hard week.


I am so sorry, Carol. Spritely has had one last beautiful summer and is ending her life feeling on top of the world. Hold on, Carol, hold on.