Rescue Journal

puff daddy

Carol  ·  Sep. 16, 2009

he does have fear issues with men and strangers..he barks and backs away...and he was going to be euth'd twice for this?

but i don't get why his 2 families were afraid of him.

he beat up all 4 of my pillows at bedtime....but he has good bite inhibition since he didn't poke holes into any of them.

i just about got knocked out cold by his furiously flopping furry butt when he was cheerfully killing those very bad pillows. but when i yelled "HEY!"...he stopped for a second to lick my face and see if i was ok before he went back to his play.

the dogs love him...caspar thinks he is a hoot to play with and even grumpy jesse gets all happy with the puff daddy. so ok..maybe 4lane doesn't like him...but i ask you, who does 4lane actually like anyway???

this dog is sweet. he is freaking adorable. he is happy and good natured and always up for a game.

i don't get why his family's were afraid of him. i can see strangers being nervous cuz he is obviously nervous of them...but the people he lives with, who should know and love him? afraid of this happy, goofy, puffy guy???

I AM NOT CHANGING HIS NAME....he is The Puff Daddy...puffy, soft, and all kinds of fun...just like a fun, furry marshmellow dog.

twice he was up for nuking? twice?...there are that many people in the world who don't really know their very own dog?

if you ask me, his only real problem is...he is too happy and perky. like... geez puff daddy, can ya not play with my pillows at midnight?

i think he identifies with them...they are soft and puffy too.



Why would you change Puff Daddy's name? It's stupid cute!

Murdering a dog for being afraid is beyond disgusting.

Murdering a dog for being smart enough to warn people that he is afraid, and may feel the need to protect himself if they don't give him the space to feel safe is criminal. Kirby backs up and barks when faced with men. I never tell him to stop, it makes him feel safe.

Some people are so damned stupid.


Fourlane likes Al, ummm and me. Hahaha thats about it. Hes such an awsome little dog:)