Rescue Journal

so i have a question...

Carol  ·  Sep. 16, 2009

ran out of water..ratz.

switched back to the far so good but i am afraid to have a bath.

wayyy too much bleach today ....coughing non stop..ratz again.

but..the house smells good.

bobby brown crawled out from under his bed and ate some tuna while i laid on his floor. poor, sad little boy.

milly's head is white, not yellow anymore...way to go milly at getting sparkling clean.

rosie has to be with me, she follows me all around..ok, let's be honest, she sticks to me like glue. we were short staffed today so i was cleaning the house. i accidently hit that poor beaten dog at least half a dozen times in the head with the broom or mop handle. every time i did it, i felt so bad and dropped to the floor to hold her and apologise. by the time the cleaning was done, she was kind of ok with it like it was a normal preamble thump before a hug.

i so suck but i guess that is one way to de-sensitize abuse fear.

i was telling the staff today that when i become a grandmother, i am going to have to buy any future grandbaby when he/she visits, a helmut to protect his/her sweet little head. i can just see me trying to explain to my kids and their spouses that baby helmuts are a necessary safety equipment around here when visiting their grandma who loves them very much.

sooo...from a normal person's perspective...are baby helmuts appropriate shower gifts?



"a normal preamble thump before a hug...i guess that is one way to de-sensitize abuse fear."
Oh, that is rich! And who knows, maybe you've stumbled onto something!


he is the 12 year old sweetie pie surrendered by his family because they wanted to travel and did not expect him to live so long.