Rescue Journal

life does go on at saints.

Carol  ·  Sep. 19, 2009

looks like a sad and dreary day today which is fine with me cuz i feel sad and dreary plus our well needs the rain.

i had a rotten sleep..first, spritely in my head then 2 little pathetic, but none the less, demanding and selfish beasts....wanting repeated room service from 1am-3am.

well..ok, doris wanted service...fix my bed, i want water and someone took my little bowl...i can't reach into those big buckets which you oughta know. i am hungry, move my bed here, no there...excuse me i need to pee...hey you girl...come back here.

felix wanted to party or cuddle or eat... non stop...not quite sure which he wanted more. but i made the mistake of giving him roasted chicken at bedtime cuz he has not been eating very well. he sure ate that quite well. anyway, he has been bouncing and barking periodically all night. it is not really barking...more like a single tin horn blow followed by a pause. he slept in between wanting episodes but not neccessarily when i was asleep cuz i might have been up with doris when he took his little rest.

and then there are 2 little daxi's that reminded me of something about having more than one daxi that i used to know. they are hypocrits..they have one set of rules for themselves and their breed and a totally different set of rules for everyone else.

like...tia is a nice little girl unless someone steps one inch too close to her under the blankets...then she is quite rude. unless it is daphne 2...she can climb over, walk over, lay on top, dig under, shove between tia and me. tia doesn't even is just a daxi totally natural burrowing around thing. it is not like they are great friends, they do get along with each other as well as everyone else...but there is a greater tolerance for a fellow daxi being a daxi then there is of some other midnight, "i am cold" not daxi dog doing their burrowing routine.

puff daddy has bed issues so he spent the night on the floor. i will not tolerate anyone being greedy and guarding the steps leading up to MY bed, if i am willing to share then they better be ok with sharing too.

barn bed time was different last felt like an almost empty the life of the party had left. lahanie still had his greedy guts hissy fit, sparky still nickered for her food. the sheep milled about patiently waiting, ellie still fussed for more apples, and tunie and gideon as always were patient and polite.

but in her stall....instead of our spritely with her liquid brown eyes, there was carl, the deep chocolate silent one, checking out his new home.

carl is happy to be back in the main barn near to his flock.




ok lets try this again.

Three things:

1. I am getting a lot of emails from people interested in purchasing the SAINTS DVD (which includes the CBC national news peice). It is $15.00 (regardless of Canadian or American funds) --due to shipping costs. Just throw me a quick email: The easiest way to pay is via Paypal (under the donation link)include your address and specify that it is for a DVD and we will mail you one. MJ is back soon and I am sure she will get right on that when she comes back. Won't ya MJ?--hope you had a great holidays.

2. To laura & lana ... I have convinced a girl at my work Abby (who is a super baker) to bake some stuff for your bake sale ... I will be helping but she will be directing ... so they will be tasty. We are thinking cupcakes., which are her specialty. How many do you need and by when?

3. If anyone is super committed and interested in helping with next year's Wishes 4 Whiskers Charity Auction/Dinner ... which would invlove ... securing donations for the silent/live auction, selling tickets, helping organize, helping setup on the event day, and attending meetings ... please email me: