Rescue Journal

we said good bye to boo today.

Carol  ·  Sep. 24, 2009

and i am ok with it. there was no way to expect her to come back from where she has gone in the past few weeks.

but even if i am ok with her passing..i will miss the old boo i knew. the cranky, the crotchety, the quick little hag who dominated my stove, my dresser and my computer desk for the past 5 years. boo has been nice for the past few months, so i know she did not feel that great. but with her pre-med sedation and pain med, she gave an almighty growl of the real boo annoyance at messing around with her precious self.

ahh have bitten me to the bone, you have swatted me into compilance, you have kept me aware of your presence and never let me forget that you were the boss...not me, like i wanted to think.

rest in peace.... you were spikey, fiesty and underneath it very will be greatly missed.

love you boo-babe.

and as we say goodbye to boo, we say hello to prudence.

she is the little not pom cross from the pound...she is more like a JRT/chi instead. but she too is not with us for long..badly rotten teeth, a back leg atrophied from lack of use and several progressive and probably malignant mammary tumours all along the mammary chain. she has a vet check for tomorrow afternoon so we can start her on pain meds which i am sure she will appreciate.

pru is a lovely and sweet little dog...i hope she likes it at saints.



i have to agree with laura. boo was a strong prescence in the kitchen. she sat on that stove and made sure she was fed asap. she would finish before the other guys almost even started, demanding a second bowl. i too will miss her. i was talking to carol on the weekend and was saying her looks were deceiving. if you looked at her pretty quickly she looked healthy, but actually really looking at her she was getting very thin, and not from lack of food. be happy little boo you will be missed. a ,welcome for prudence. hope you are happy here for however long you have. i


Rest in Peace, Boo. Please continue to watch over SAINTS and make sure things are done your way! Welcome Prudence. I know that you will be feeling much better very soon. May your days left on this Earth by happy and pain free.


Boo you were the General sitting on the stove making sure we all did everything right and mostly didn't forget your friskies....your presence in the kitchen will be greatly missed...loved ya.