Rescue Journal

so apparently...

Carol  ·  Sep. 28, 2009

part of running a senior animal sanctuary means...actually running the freaking thing. i have been trying to avoid certain aspects of this jobfor a very long time. you can only avoid for so long and a wise someone said the other day, in relation to something else...."suck it up buttercup"...this buttercup needs to start sucking it up and get the job done.

oh yay.

emily has started her weaning process...this process is pissing her off.

edith is still acting weird.

the kitchen sink is leaking, the plumbers are coming tomorrow.

hopefully tomorrow is the last water delivery.

champ went in tonight for his surgery tomorrow.

bobbie brown is eating better (if i sit with him while he eats.)

max is not well today...not sure what is going on but i will try to get him in for a check up this week.

the new washer was delivered and hooked up today.

one more shift and then five days off..i have big plans for this set off cuz they are the last multiple set for the next 8 weeks so i need to make them count.



how did champs surgery go, hope all is well and i also hope max is feeling better