Rescue Journal

animals make good house buddies.

Carol  ·  Sep. 30, 2009

so i am thinking today...renee is quite sick with the of these days she is going to crash and call in sick. i grabbed today...had breakfast with mo at rocko's, did a walk in the fields with mo and the dogs, then headed over to costco cuz my daughter's birthday is coming up.

i bought her a couple of things and then decided to spoil myself so i bought a set of 3 old jazz CD's....i do not have a CD player over in the house so i also bought a cheap curtis CD clock radio and a pair of soft slippers.

here is my plan..come home, tidy up the bathroom (it turned into a major clean) plug in the CD clock thing, run a hot bath and listen to louis armstrong while i soak in the tub. i did manage this...but it was a drag to put back on my work clothes again to do the evening chores.

pj's and bathrobe after the bath would have been more relaxing.

rose is forever at my knee, waiting for me to stroke her...she gets stroked alot.

i bought a box of cheese stixs...we had those for dinner..i think that is way healthier than a handful of cookies. rose likes cheese does everyone else so i am still sort of hungry..but not too worry..i bought some of those little tiny costco cinnamon buns too.

so now i am is a good time for the pj thing...maybe a hot cup of tea with some baileys in it and some of those cinnamon things.

here is the thing about being alone....(with just animals living with you)...they think everything i decide, is a pretty good idea.



Living with just critters is great. If you want to take a nap, they are more than happy to join you for that. It's wonderful.