Rescue Journal

i was dreaming that i broke my hip...

Carol  ·  Oct. 3, 2009

and i woke up to a really painful is fine now...i just needed to move! i am sadly counting down this last set of multiple days week starts my mon-fri crap for the next 6 weeks. now i know most everyone in the world who is lucky enough to have a full time job, works mon-fri. so i am personally lucky to have a fulltime job with sometimes lots of days off in a row. it has to do with a fulltime nursing shift being 7.2 hours and my actually working 8, and with stats worked into my rotation and 20 years of working for the same employer, thus a good number of accumulated holidays.

my shifts are changing week early shift switches to 7 am..that means i have to leave here by 615 (wake up to get my morning stuff done, will now be 430) and afternoon shift now goes til 10 pm, (which means i won't be home til 1030) and now the nurses have to stay in the office til the end of their shifts, the cell phones and pagers to take care of issues on the move are a thing of the past...for the animals, and for me...this will be a drag.

oh is the thing...while the nurses are pissed over the changes, there is no point. our jobs are owned by our employer, just like everyone else, so we do what they say. but...retirement is looking good to all of us now...for me, early retirement is not that far away...(4 years) is the connection to my outside job and this rescue....when do i want to retire from nursing?

i don't really want to any time soon...i happen to like being a nurse. but nursing is changing, it is less about hands on caring for patients and more about meetings and paper/computer work. and doing two jobs is not only hard on me but expensive for saints because when i happen to be here...i work for free.

AND...probably the only reason that i am not a total lunatic animal freak screaming and yelling at all of the stupidity out there is....i work and still live in that same stupid world so i understand how stupidity is not so much an intentional just happens as a result of the difficulties and constraints of human in our world is just not that easy.

i try not to get into the whole winning the lottery dream, but i still buy a ticket once in awhile cuz if i did...i would quit my full time job and just work casually on weekends...enough to keep my toes in the real world (and sometimes innocently stupid world) and more time to do things around here for free.

if there can be a perfect working/saints together world...then i want it...asap.