Rescue Journal

it was a sad trip to the vet with rosie

Carol  ·  Oct. 3, 2009

we had to get her down on her side on the floor...she just laid there terrified and immobile..utterly passively afraid of us touching her underside. no obvious masses..but sadly her ribcage was long ago shattered along her sternal line. it has healed on its own since then but you can easily feel where it was caved in.

she has lost 4 pounds since sept 11th...nothing on the bloodwork or physical exam explains this.... probably an underlying cancer somewhere. rosie is old...rosie is utterly traumatized by past cruelty in her point in tormenting her to go looking for something that we can't fix...rose is now officially palliative care with symptom control.

we will see how long she wants to stay with us here.

love you rose.

phoebe's pathology is back...a little bit inconclusive but probably not cancer, at least not from the cells they reviewed (the pathologist was hedging his bets.) phoebe is therefore not palliative...sigh...good news, i guess.



i know you do not want us to feel sorry for the animals and i dont, but i just feel pissed off with the people that did this to rosie. she is a totally sweet girl who by all rights should have had a great life, i think this is every living beings right, no one should have the power to hurt or demoralize or make anyone feel bad, physically or emotionally. yah right lynne live in your own little dream world it aint going to happen. by the way carol i gave rosie those little food things in the hallway, the ones you have to peel back the top little bits of food in gravy she loved them wolfed down 2 so maybe she will eat those, otherwise i could make her up some hamburger stew and freeze it will talk to you tomorrow.


Sorry about Rose, she is a sweet girl you just want to pull close to you and protect from all the bad she has suffered.
On a positive note, yay Phoebe. Looking forward to alot more field time with her and Al. She may be alittle overbearing sometime (not most of the time) but she is also very sweet and beautiful.