Rescue Journal

the great escape

Carol  ·  Oct. 4, 2009

almost. the grass does not grow underneath our mighty volunteers feet.

frodo was kidnapped today. this was not the accidental tourist stowe away that frodo is occasionally the innocent victim of. this was the well thought out and intentional masterminded theft of frodo, our saints team mascot.

little did the perportrators know that the saints volunteers have eyes in the backs of their heads and wings upon their feet when they see our fluffy grey guy bouncing away in someone's unauthorized arms, running down our isolated street.

Laura and Tammy were hot on their trail, they cornered the fiendish cat knappers hiding in a backyard down the road. they were trying to hide frodo underneath their bodies so their pursuers wouldn't know he was there. but laura and tammy stood firm and made them give back our cat.

they were intimidated, they complied when cornered..that little 4 yr old boy and his 6 yr old sister gave them back our beloved guy. they got a good lecture on cat stealing from some very big to them grown ups.

i am sitting here chuckling...those little kids are so like i was...see a cat, want a cat, take a cat home. to a small child, life is so simple.

i think frodo enjoyed his great adventure, thank god he was in a cheerful mood and did not damage those poor innocent wee ones.



If you really want to feel the mood of the dear old show ...


We can probably get a copy of the audio there -- arguably, the best thing about the show -- if you feel really keen on getting it.


i fixed it for ya!
one day i will do a post...
"this is the sanctuary..SAINTS..."
who'd have thought being a volunteer at saints meant crime fighting too!


5. I looked this up. The show was Dragnet? The actor was Jack Webb as Det. Sgt. Joe Friday. He announced "This is the city, Los Angeles..." marilyn


omg...what was that black and white cop show from the sixties...with that real dry detective mono-toning the crime scene?
that is laura's post...i can see it clearly!


Come on they were at least 5 & 7 year olds! Also there could have been a gang hiding in the bushes. Officer K.O. was actually the first one to spot the perportrators from a mile away...when our Saints are in trouble we jump into action. As Sargent on duty I went in for the take down. I actually knew the perps from them hanging around the fence in the evening when I put the barn guys to bed. They love animals but needed to be a little scared to know it wasn't right what they did for Frodo's safety and theirs. All and all another exciting day at Saints.


It was actually Laura who led the whole thing. I followed her for backup (you never know how tough these youngsters are now adays). Laura did a great job in retrieving Frodo and chewing the kids out. Up one side and down the other and she was very good with her choice of words. I'm sure I would have had some xrated crap fly out of my mouth.


This made me giggle. I am imagining a child of that age/size trying to hide a large fluffy cat under thier shirts.

And then a lecture from Laura and Tammy.....ohhhhh boy.

*giggle giggle* *snort!*