Rescue Journal

tonight i am into blaming..tonight this is all god's fault!

Carol  ·  Oct. 6, 2009

i got home late...i checked the water tank...dry...grrrhh. emily is bawling for her bottle and the hay delivery is here. i run and fill up the kettle from a water jug, turn off the pump so it doesn't burn out, write out the hay cheque and then make em her bottles. mj and leanne came so leanne fed emily while i put the barn guys to bed and mj chased me around for a receiver general's cheque...with what we give to the goddamn receiver general each month...we could hire a whole other staff person...pisses me off. laura and lana came and helped finish off the bedtime thing and wrestle grammy for her meds cuz her leg is sore again.

i come back into the house and turn back on the pump...and still no freaking water...jeezus freaking christ did we burn out the freaking thing already again?????

i am seriously going to kill myself...i am so freaking tired of messing around with something so simple and totally necessary as water.


i just want to turn on the freaking tap and have water come out. i just want to take a bath at night without guilting myself out. i want a normal life which to me right now means having water running into my sink.

is that too much to freaking ask???

jeezus god, why the hell did you not send me to a sanctuary property with city water? how hard would that have been? you droppped the ball big guy and you dropped it right on top of the animals and me. so maybe you can go magically make some big donation come in to pay for fixing the freaking pump again...and while you are at it, you might as well make it rain...if you'd just keep the well full..none of this would be an issue.

ok...we have water again...apparently someone heard the hysteria building and decided it was safer to just turn the water back on.

i am going to bed.



Hi Vadie

If you go to SAINTS home page , you will see the link on the left hand side of the screen... weird though I always thought it was also on the right hand side of the blog


hi nicole, there is no box with "news and events" at the right side of the blog.where do we find the events?


Carol, the old SAINTS site tub is always welcome for you if you want peace and quiet... scratch the quiet part, Nibs would be barking her fool head off. The offers still there if you want it!


yup, the love on a leash fundraiser has been mentioned here a few times. it is also on our events page.


Just heard an ad on CBC Radio One for a fundraiser tomorrow night. That was a nice surprise!
Are all fundraising events posted on the blog? I don't recall hearing about this one. (Sounds terrific! Sorry I can't make it!)


It's amazing the wastefulness of such a necessity.

I used to brush my teeth and leave the faucet on!! Precious wet gold...just flowing away.

Dear Prudence, have great xrays tomorrow.


talk to nicole..she is the procurer of pictures.
prudence goes in tomorrow morning for her xrays.

emotionally she is doing great, she has the whole being a saint thing figured right out...whine and fuss with yer eyes on carol and she will pretty much give you whatever ya want.

sigh...just what i needed ANOTHER spoiled (and manipulative) dog.


Awwwww Carol you can come have a bath at my house although the drive might be a bit long. Water something I take for granted has become a luxury for you, but you should never feel guilty about having a bath cause your mental health is priceless. The Saints need you to take care of yourself.
Could we please have a picture or two of is she doing?